Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lee Kuan Yew's polling fraud example 1962

1962 was the year when Singapore's average educational level was low and majority peasants lived in villages. To claim to have THE PEOPLE'S MANDATE as usual, old dog thief LKy held a REFERENDUM regarding the Merger into Malaya. I had long heard from elders that the ballots had 3 choices instead of 2, but instead of:

  • Yes merge
  • No don't merge
It had some thing to this effect of:
  • YES merge
  • YES merge
  • YES merge
I told it sounded like ex-Soviet Union's polling style when I heard that, however until recently I had not seen the details about it. But now, I had been provided with a sample copy of official referendum poster, showing a marked ballot and the details of the 3 options for voters, in 4 official languges. Please click on the image above to view in full size.

That had been how old dog thief rigged pollings since 1962, a TOTAL FRAUD.

When you thought T. T. Durai & NKF was a fraud, please think again. That was only a peanut fraud, Lee Kuan Yew's are Mega Frauds.

This is the classic way how this bastard had been cheating and bullying Singaporean peasants since his own younger days. It will tell us alot how Lee Kuan Yew's election frauds had progressed to PROGRESS PACKAGE in GE2006 since 1962.

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