Monday, December 19, 2011

FALSEHOOD Attitute Displayed Again by Loong

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Speaking after a briefing by the Land Transport Authority officials after another breakdown -- this time on Saturday morning -- PM Lee said SMRT had to begin restoring public confidence in its system
"What is important is for us now to get to the bottom of the matter and get the system up and running safely again," he was quoted as saying by the paper.

Before even the Public Inquiry had been even organised, famiLEE LEEgime's Loong Son had directed SMRT to Begin Restoring Public Confidence. And he also rejected that it wasn't a Human Safety Issue but a Technical Failure after thousands were stranded in Dark and Poorly Ventilated Tunnels.

Jumping the gun from Inquiry and Rectification so quickly to Restoring Public Confidence clearly displayed the classic famiLEE LEEgime attitude of FALSEHOOD. That is their Value and I relate this Directly to the causes of many Singaporean Failures and Issues. That they are most concerned about Falsely Impressing People inside & outside of Singapore, regardless weather if they really know their problems, or are really capable of solving them. They want problems to be swept under their thickest carpets as soon as possible and resume their Myth-Mongerings to Fool The Public into Baseless Trust & Confidence.

Despite the fact that at least 2 people had been hospitalised after being trapped for more than an hour in harsh and dangerous conditions of Dark & Poorly Ventilated Tunnels, Ass Loong Son denied that is is Human Safety Issue. It reflected together that he is exhibiting the classic famiLEE LEEgime culture of dressing up superficial public impression while neglecting the Real Core crisis faced by the people.

I suggest that Loong should personally visit some of the victims who are voters of his very own Ang Moh Kio GRC, and listen up to their horrible suffering experience during their agonies trapped within MRT Tunnels.

I challenge him to comment on weather this be a safety issue still if his old dog thief father was trapped more than 1 hour in that dark tunnel and then hospitalised. Or just a mere Technical Failure.

Later today, I will try to prepare a video to address related issues from different angles. ;)

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