Saturday, November 02, 2013

Republic of Singapore Defeated in Cyber War, ministers must Step Down

There is clear evidence that Republic of Singapore is defeated in Cyber Warfare by Anonymous Hacker, compromising and disabling many government services on web, in famiLEE LEEgime's Intelligent Island. The Ministry of Defense & Minister for National Security had failed their duties terribly.

Opposition must call for the resignations of:

Mr TEO Chee Hean Deputy Prime Minister and
Coordinating Minister for National Security and
Minister for Home Affairs Mr TEO Chee Hean

 Dr NG Eng Hen Minister for Defence Dr NG Eng Hen

Further failure and defeat sustaining then must call for resignation of:

Mr LEE Hsien Loong
Prime Minister Mr LEE Hsien Loong

This is not a light matter, as Singaporean tax payers and citizens had spent huge funds in Singapore's Cyber Defense, and the LEEgime bragged highly about it's Cyber Security.

In any modern war, Cyber attack is the very first round, and example of Iranian Israeli conflicts North / South Korea, USA vs PRC, all had serious results of Cyber Attack including causing explosion in top secret missile bases, killing key scientists and missile developers.

Singapore's Banking / Finance, Ministries including SAF & SPF & SCDF can be crippled via Cyber attacks. Hospitals, Telcos, Power Grid, Border and Customs, Air and Land Traffic Control etc are all exposed to Cyber Attack, by any known or anonymous attackers. Consequences is grave, even if not accompanied by physical military assaults.

The famiLEE LEEgime is arrogant ignorant coward gutless witless weak vulnerable and incompetent, and as usual fall at once when faced with any real attack. They always spent in vain huge amount of tax dollars to pretend to be strong and confident, with is completely untruth.

The episode's significant is not less than the escape of Mas Selamat.

SAF Junta ministers can step down & go fly kite.


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