Wednesday, November 22, 2006

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I have setup blogger who is assisting SDP to have access to posting on my news blog, for the backup purpose in case SDP's website got hacked while Mr Gandhi; Dr Chee & myself are in jail.

This web will be the alternative and temp announcement site of SDP in the event of such hacking. Dr Chee's blog will similarly be used as spare and temp announcement site for SDP via the same blogger . :-)

Friday, November 17, 2006

Deals with Thug_sin all above board? What about Lo Shing Han?

Lee Kuan Yew claimed aloud about all his famiLEE LEEgime's dealing with corrupted Thug_sin Shinawatra family via Termasek Holdings & his own daughter Ho Jinx are all ABOVE THE BOARD. Sure! Why not? Just like his white & white PAp party unifrom, and Clean & White money laundering service's reputation.

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The international press should ask LKy when interviewing him, these following questions:

What about the dealings with MYANMAR FUNDS & ASIA WORLD?

What about the dealings in which Singaporean tax payers funds were being invested in connection with Myanmar's Illegal Nacortic Syndicates' huge drug monies?

Are these also all above the board too?

Where is the board then?

Where are the public statements and acknowledgements?

Why the famiLEE LEEgime tried so hard to hide video evidence containing exposure of these scandals when charging Singapore Democratic Party's election campaign and sales of party publications exposing these scandals. Why sue SDP and try to squash these publications? Is it really only about the National Kidney Foundation Scandals?

Is it not about this Drug Money Investment Scandal of famiLEE LEEgime?

In the above speeches which are filmed by police as evidence during SDP's election campaign we had exposed the famiLEE LEEgime's involvement in Myanmar's drug fund related investments. They had during the trial tried their best not to let us have these videos, and tried to force me to remove them from the Internet.

Why so? Is that because there are things happening BELOW THE BOARD as well?


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Did GW Bush violated Public Entertainment Act?

This is the news

This is the law

This is the law too

I got charged under this law, and I found out that GW Bush is not a Singaproean Citizen, and under the same Public Entertainment & Meetings Act, he can not speek to public without a licence plus a Professional Visit Pass. I think GW Bush is US citizen traveling on diplomatic basis in Singapore, but he gave a high profile speech in NUS tonight.

I understand that GW Bush enjoys diplomatic immunity that he can not be charged even if he broke SGP law, but the organizers and other Singaporeans don't have the same priviledge. Law should be applicable fairly and squarely to all, under Constitution Article 12.


I am wondering if the famiLEE LEEgime could explain weather how law & order works here, and what sort official licence or permit need to be sorted for Bush to speak in NUS, and weather any such permit had been applied or issued, and if not who had broken what law here. How do we go about then to convince people that Singapore is a place running by rule of law & etc.

Bush talked about North Korean Nuclear Weapons & Regional Terrorism issue, shouldn't that fall under the catagory of Religious & Racial taboo area under Public Entertainment Act? :-) What about the risk of racial harmony among Singapore's North / South Koreans & Muslims?

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Indoor public talk
(9A) Any indoor public talk held in any place to which the public or any
class of public has access, whether gratuitously or otherwise, is
exempted from the Act if the following conditions are complied with:
(a) the organiser of the indoor public talk is a citizen of Singapore;
(b) only citizens of Singapore are invited to be lecturers or speakers at the
(c) the lecturers or speakers do not deal with any matter —
(i) which relates, directly or indirectly, to any religious belief or to religion
generally; or
(ii) which may cause feelings of enmity, hatred, ill-will or hostility
between different racial or religious groups in Singapore; and
(d) the lecturers or speakers speak only in any of the 4 official languages
in Singapore, or any related dialect.

Monday, November 13, 2006

7% GST the repayment of Progress Package

During the GE2006 rallies and campaigns, I predicted that GST will hike after election, and 7% was the figure I had once quoted. I cited that Progress Package would be a prime cause of GST hike, because famiLEE LEEgime need to make the voters pay back this Progress Package Vote Buying Ang Pao, as soon as election is over.

The parliament that had been illegally elected via Progress Package Vote Buying had only just began to be seated, and what did famiLEE LEEgime try to rubber stamp first in this illegitimate parliament? GST hike to 7%!

Additional reasons for GST hike includes more heavy losses in GIC Termasek, more inefficiency and wastage. More official self enrichments. More falsification to buff up failing economy to make it look good.

In just Thailand alone, Termasek GIC's scandalous deals with ousted corrupt Thug-Sin regime is still continuing to burn billions. We can not be sure that 7% GST will be sufficient for famiLEE LEEgime to plug this big bottomless hole. Peasants will continue to be bankrupted, jump MRT track or HDB flat, continue to be unemployed and homeless, continue to suffer and struggle to live, continue to be pressurised and stress until physical and mental health are both damaged.

The other thing that would hike would be civil servants' salaries particularly the ministers'. But ministries; GLC; GRC will continue to retrench as expected :-) as the famiLEE LEEgime continue to burn the big holes bigger.

Unlike others, I won't blame the voters because I know that famiLEE LEEgime would not be able to help it, and have no other ways to avoid their own dead set destiny. Unless all the contested seat were won by AP and PAp became opposition party, they will have to ended up increasing GST straight after election. They have no alternatives, because their situation is desperated and critical. This is regardless weather they had 66% or just only 50.01% vote.

Even if the PAp's vote turned out to be less than 50% and that they lost the election, the out come might still be the same if they had to join with say WP to form coallition government, GST still would be increased. The only difference is that they will just face a lot more obstacles to increase it. The problem faced by our country is just beyond what a single election's vote can change or improve, it takes a much longer term to slove and much more prices are called for to be paid.

Any one looking for a quick cheap and easy way out has got to be dreaming.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Thug-Sin traveling world with OUR MONEY!

Mongrel Thug-Sin is not allowed to return home to Thailand for a year according to those military who ousted him, and at least until the scheduled election is over. Thug-Sin had been on the road flying from one country to another, first in UK now in BeiJing China. He would have to continue to do so spending money for the coming one year, as he isn't allowed to return to Thailand.

But whose money is he spending on the roads, his airfare & hotels etc?

At least a big part of it is SINGAPOREAN PEOPLE's money. Those from the Billions paid by Ho Ching via Termasek to buy over Thug-Sin's family business Shin Corp / Shinawat. It is our tay payers' fund and state fund not LKy famiLEE LEEgime's own money.

What did get from mongrel Thug-Sin after paying these billions?
  • An empty useless ShinCorp
  • Huge Losses in share values
  • Billion Dollar Fines to pay via ShinCorp's ITV
  • Revolked GSM Telephone Company License
  • Scandals; Angers; Protests against Singapore
  • More Huge Fines and Losses to be faced
  • Debts from bonds Ho Ching needs to sell in order to cover ShinCorp losses
Shin Corp deal is a stinking deal between the ruling families of Thailand & Singapore. It is a dirty deal between old dog thief LKy's famiLEE & mongrel Thug-Sin's Shinawatra family. It is a deal past between LKy's daughter in law Ho Ching & Thug-Sin's hands.

The old dog thief LKy & his Ass Loong Son kept insisting that the deal is all above the board. You can be assured that they are both personally involved deeply in this scandal for sure.

Particularly that old dog thief LKy, he is the world's least crediable person to say that ShinCorp Shinawat's deal with Termasek GIC is clean. He got every interest to protest and every thing to hide. Personally or famiLEE wise or Career wise or Politically wise, his stakes are all at MAXIMUM, within this dirty matter.

LKy the old dog thief is the same hypocratical snake who hangs little drug paddlers while invested huge amount of Termasek GIC funds into Myanmar in connection with narcotic syndicate of Lo Shing Han family. In LKy's own corrupted views, everything with his party his govt or himself are all tip-top squeeky clean including the strongly affiliated NKF.

I had exposed his money laundry & vote buying scandals while conducting General Election 2006 activities supporting Singapore Democratic Party which's party publication The New Democrats exposed the same scandals. Old dog thief sued the entire party, over The New Democrats and charged me 8 counts of giving speeches without license from his corrupted LEEgime. Dr. Chee also charged with same 8 charges & Mr Gandhi Ambalam with one of my 8 charges.

The corrupted LEEgime flip-flop back & forth over using the police taken video of our speeches to use as case evidence to charge us for giving speeches. Their cause was to avoid us from getting a copy of this video. I was threatened to face further charges of Contempt Of Court, for posting on Internet these video, after we got copies of it via fighting in court.

See more of these details on my New Release Blog.