Friday, October 31, 2008

famiLEE LEEgime court violated law & constitution and then slapped itself

Today's Yahoo Taiwan News for comparison!

In almost every single one of the trials which the famiLEE LEEgime abused to Fix The Opposition, it persistently violated and neglected the constitution.

In such trials just involving myself, it already happened for about 5 times.

That included the 8 cases of General Election 2006 speeches, consisting of 2 part-heard cases and 4 un-heard cases.

This aspect became the most obvious on Thursday, 30 October 2008 at court 5, where I face Tak Boleh Tahan protest charges together with the TBT18.

It had been a constant style that famiLEE LEEgime's court make such kind of rulings in our cases:

  1. Subordinate Court have no power to handle constitutional issues.
  2. This is not a Judiciary Review, take your grievances to one.
  3. Defense on Constitutional Ground can not be accepted in this trial.
  4. Educing any evidence to prove Constitutional Violation is Irrelevant and Not Permitted.
On October 30 2008 Thursday, they went so far in court 5 for the TBT trial that after Dr CSJ read out this Subordinate Courts Act Section 56A and made application under that particular section for the cases to be transmitted to High Court according to this law:

Reference of constitutional question to High Court
56A. —(1) Where in any proceedings in a subordinate court a question arises as to the interpretation or effect of any provision of the Constitution, the court hearing the proceedings may stay the proceedings on such terms as may be just to await the decision of the question on the reference to the High Court.
(2) An order staying proceedings under this section may be m
ade by the court of its own motion or on the application of any party and shall be made at such stage of the proceedings as the court may see fit having regard to the decision of such questions of fact as may be necessary to be settled to assist the High Court in deciding the question which has arisen and to the speedy and economical final determination of the proceedings.
(3) Where an order for stay of proceedings has been made under this section, the court shall state the question which in its opinion has arisen as to the interpretation or effect of the Constitution in the form of a special case which so far as may be possible shall state the question in a form which shall permit of an answer being given in the affirmative or the negative.
(4) The court shall cause the special case to be transmitted to the High Court and the High Court shall hear and determine the constitutional question arising out of the case in the exercise of its original jurisdiction.
(5) Notice of the hearing of the special case by the High Court under this section shall be given to the Attorney-General who shall have a right to be heard.

Still the District Judge Chia Wei Kiat ruled against that application, saying that he is still not inclined to transmit these cases to High Court for constitutional arguments from ALL the accused persons and their councils to be heard!

To make it the most ironical, there are lots of exhibits in the main hall of that famiLEE LEEgime Subordinate Court including one "TOOLS OF LAW" showing statutes and constitution. On a huge picture of taken at the interior of the old parliament house, it printed in huge fonts this introduction of the constitution:

The Constitution came into force on 9 August 1965, the day of Singapore's independence from Malaysia. The Constitution is the supreme law of Singapore. Any law that conflicts with the Constituion is void and Singapore courts can strike down any legislative or executive Acts that go against the Constitution....

So this is how the corrupted and incompetent famiLEE LEEgime made audacious violation of constitution and rules of law, and then slapped itself in the face.

Strangely, I just came across a piece of news from Yahoo Taiwan, that reported how their judge had struck down an unconstitutional legislation regarding massage services that allowed only visually disabled persons (usually blinds) to work in massage services, that this is found to be in violation of constitutional equality:

視障才能做按摩 大法官說違憲
聯合 更新日期:2008/11/01 07:20 記者王文玲/台北報導










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Monday, October 13, 2008

famiLEE's political masturbation - any more?

How would one fillip a piece of Pee Sai (nose mucus)?

famiLEE's political masturbation news

Can you do anything better than that old dog thief Lee Kuan Yew?

Do you think you can continue to count on such political masturbation to sustain your rotten famiLEE LEEgime any further? Do you know how people would fillip a piece of Pee Sai? Watch my video! :-)

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Greed: Lehman Bro; NKF & famiLEE LEEgime's CEO minsiters

Bush might be the poorest bastard among these greedy faces in terms of salaries:
Ask yourself what are the differences between famiLEE LEEgime's CEO ministers & NKF's TT Durai & Lehman Brother's Richard Fuld? Aren't they all CEOs of the world's highest salaries?

NKF is just a charity implementation of famiLEE LEEgime's CEO minister culture & other LEEgalized Corruption systems. Lehman Brother's type of syndicates of greed is exactly what they are modeled after.

Greedy Selfish Ruthless Exploiters they are.

They control huge funds and used that as their false justifications for highest salaries and then defended their own greed with all the same theories.

TT Durai exploited NKF charity donations while his NKF patients are neglected and suffering. Richard Fuld exploited Lehman Brother's investors' funds and enriched himself ruthlessly as he vaporised his victims' funds. LKy's famiLEE LEEgime is the worst of all, in that they manipulate entire parliament and made laws to LEEgalize their own corruptions and draw salaries more than 5 times of Bush's and enslave entire nation's peasants for life-long exploitations.

Bush vaporized all the remaining strengths of superpower USA while his family & cronies of Texas oil merchants including Cheney enriched themselves.

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ABC News Richard Fuld salary & bonus article

Lehman Brothers Boss Defends $484 Million in Salary, Bonus

Richard Fuld Becomes Poster Boy for Wall Street Greed at Heated Congressional Hearing

Friday, October 10, 2008

How Much is Left in GIC Temasek this week?

Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew suddenly healed from his nearly 10 days of Oral Constipation today, and he had his big gap shut completely since the passing of Mr. JBJ. After Old Dog Thief's oral diarrhea on Golden Period & expression of false confidence with the US economic strength, just not too long ago, Wall Street gave his dog face a series of loud and clear slapping. I guess that was the cause of Lee Kuan Yew's switching from Oral Diarrhea to nearly 10 days of Oral Constipation, not to mention his recent heart rate issue and hospitalization. He compared his own hospitalization with that of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. Kim had recently made public appearance to prove Old Dog Thief's rumor regarding his health wrong. :-)

These are not the real issue in this post.

The issue is Where Is Our Money old dog thief?

How much is left with GIC Temasek after this week? What about next week?

DOW is 8139 as I am writing, FTSE is 4087; Nikke is 8176; STI is 1948.

So how much of our CPF savings are lost? How much to be further lost?

Why are we paying the world's highest salaries for greedy selfish cowards cabinet which now tell us to rely on Indian economy tonight? Shouldn't we employ Indian cabinet for tenth of the LEEgime minister's salaries instead?

Old Dog Thief said Singapore was in the beginning of 10 years of Golden Era to justify the pay rise of his famiLEE LEEgime cabinet. Now they are telling us economic recession / depression and pay-cut and job-cut. What kind of incompetent liar is this?

Where is Our Money now, self-serving crooks?

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

GCT & Ass Loong Hypocritical Propagandas

Yahoo News Link:
Straits Times - 01 Oct 06:38AM
PAP leaders never wanted their fight with Mr J.B. Jeyaretnam to affect his two sons, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong said yesterday.

Suck my toes hypocrites!

This is what Chinese called 猫哭老鼠,假惺惺。

Today there is no inheritance property nor bequest that the 2 sons of late Mr. JBJ could inherit when late Mr. JBJ once had many houses including multi-million dollar banglow and savings in bank. It is doubtless that these assets had been robbed by famiLEE LEEgime bandits LEEgally from Mr. JBJ, where these are the very obvious financial sufferings directly affected by shameless bandit famiLEE LEEgime on the 2 sons of Mr. JBJ.

This is in terms of millions of dollars. Not to mention yet the priceless honor of their late father being abused and trashed by these bandits.

Mr JBJ should hold MP's title while Ass Loong's dad lame bastard old dog thief Lee Kuan Yew & GCt had abused defamation suit to kick him out of the parliament. In the bastards' shameless propaganda they were trying to say that this does not distress and affect Mr. JBJ's sons?

Don't make my toes laugh LEEgime bastards!

Take back your own propagandas and shaft it!

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Where PAp is Identical with NKF

Today 8.Oct.2008 I found this on Lian He Zao Bao:I can not find the English version online, I think the 154th is doing a good job hiding this from the public :-) as usual.

The famiLEE LEEgime's so called Peoples' Action Party's brunch treasurer by name of Lee Joo Leong or alike age 43 had been charged for embezzlement of party's funds amounting S$78,000. LEEgime's court set his bail to S$12,000.

Charge said that Lee stole the fund from an account of PAp at DBS on 2.Feb.2007 & 27.Jun.2008 amounting S$50,000 and S$2,8461.46 respectively.

Lee was a manager of bank, and he was not represented by any lawyer. He is liable for 3 years imprisonment or fine or both.

Now is this not an aspect of corruption identical between NKF's TT Durai & PAp?

What was TT Durai charged for?

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