Thursday, October 18, 2007

When to deal with CULPRIT vs ISSUES

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I refer you to the above where I discussed this subject.

For certain scenario, it is suitable to address the issue, and view every person as a helpless victim of the situation. For certain other scenario, it is to deal with a culprit and not the issue.

How this is to be decided weather to deal with culprit or issue is to be fairly based on how equally proportional the individual in the picture have control of the issue.

If you have a class of students in a quarrel, over their classroom seatings that no one want to take the seats near the window, because rain & shine could affect them. Then we address the issue of poor building requiring improvement. Since the students all have equal and proportional share of the matter, and are equally helpless and innocent - although some of them might be more wrong using certain tactics in the quarrel.

However, if you have a class that has over half the boys and girls all molested by the teacher. Then you got to fix the teacher as a culprit and not viewing the teacher as a victim of sexual trouble or psychological patient. Because in this case an adult having more senior age and stronger ability entrusted with power and authority is abusing these all and victimizing the young kids. In this case will be unfair to forgive this culprit or blame on to the kids, or conclude that teacher's spouse deprived the teacher of sex. This is something that you will have to track the school's management and MOE's supervision responsibilities also.

Singapore is controlled by LKy for coming to 50 years. His power and influence is paramount here on the laws and constitution and election system etc etc. He governs all these and all the people,media & CUNT and PA & RC etc all following him. HE OBVIOUSLY DON'T HAVE THE SAME SHARE OF CONTROL OVER SGP AS OTHER CITIZENS. For the corrupted system, we can not blame the system, for issues of failure, we can not just address the issues. Because there is no proportionally equal shares of control over things, and that one culprit had the paramount unchallenged power to exploit and engineer the whole system.

Therefore I insist that I must fix this on the culprit LKy.



Sunday, October 14, 2007

famiLEE Dodging Liquidation via Malaysian Merger

:-) This is the promised English version of my similar titled Chinese Blog Post.

I would like to introduce a different angle of view towards one of the hidden objectives of Lee Kuan Yew's repetition of Malaysian Merger talks.

There is enough reasons for us to believe that one of LKy's objectives is to seek a way for his famiLEE & LEEgime members to dodge eminent final liquidation via merger with Malaysia.

In the event of famiLEE LEEgime's fall within an independent Rep of Singapore, the prognosis for it's key members evading all forms of liquidations would be the worst. This is regardless of the formation of the successive regime, which is most likely to be a political foe of famiLEE. However, if the scenario is changed to a merger with Malaysia, the prognosis for dodging the final liquidation will become excellent.

Most of the totalitarian rulers of the ex-East-Germany successfully dodged liquidation of their political and other crimes after the merger with West Germany. For the sake of stability and conciliated future, the dominant state of the merger will take preventive measures to reduce or eliminate liquidating actions against the culprits within the out-going regime. This is the case for unification of Germany.

For Singapore to be merged with Malaysia, this dodge would be the main if not prime objective of famiLEE practically, instead of all other potential opportunities or advantages for the famiLEE in the unification with Malaysia.

After the fall of Thug-Sin in Thailand, the shaking Myanmar military junta could be the very last political ally for famiLEE LEEgime. Except for the economic bubble coming back, there is nothing positively supporting a good prospect for famiLEE LEEgime. The past absolute control LEEgime enjoyed for decades is threatened to cease, both exterior and internal factors are besieging this corrupted and incompetent totalitarian famiLEE LEEgime.

I observed that Lee Kuan Yew absolutely didn't visit his old time fellow-dictator the Indonesian Suharto in nearly 10 years since the fall of Suharto's regime, not until quite recently. I believe that would be for some very significant mutual benefits strategically and not just for simple casual friendship.

Suharto notorious for his corruptions is a master dodger for liquidation against himself and his key Golka Party gangs. For the most practical reasons and urgency Lee Kuan Yew have indeed a good lot to learn from Suharto's Liquidation Dodging experience. I would however call that a fruitful visit for cross learnings between 2 notorious long ruling dictators, it is apparently so because old dog Suharto learn a new trick after Lee's visit, and earned billions from suing western media. This is certainly Lee's oldest and most notorious defamation trick past to Suharto. I believe the mastering secret in that is filthy dealings in the darkness to playact huge compensation sums which are actually in non-existence. In the worst scenario the only transactions of money could be just spendings to buy this playact for political falsehood and ploys. :-)

Suharto & gang of Golka Party, successfully retain wealth and political strengths after losing his long term dictatorial control of Indonesia, most significantly for our concern they got away rather well in dodging corruption trials and other forms of post-regime liquidations. Facing charges, Suharto's son Tommy masterminded the assassination of High Court Judge, was sentence for that, but went into abscond as Indonesian government failed to arrest him for a very long time. Eventually Suharto could negotiate a surrender and comfortable imprisonment as well as early release. Suharto himself malinger in wheelchair to dodge trials and charges. These are very crucially valuable experiences Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE need for obvious reasons. :-)

In contrast against a tiny red dot which any regime can tightly and totally manipulate, a merged Singapore Malaysia would provide political as well as geographic environment more resembling Suharto's Indonesia, where more room for corrupted dodging tricks could work for famiLEE. Otherwise, a foe successive regime in control of independent red dot would be in position to treat Lee Kuan Yew famiLEE much worst than how Mr. Chia Thye Poh was treated. T T Durai can be considered lucky in comparison with this.

The Internet community got the impression that Lee Kuan Yew is senile and frequently spouting nonsense these days. In more careful considerations, these could be deliberate malingering for his own state of mind to dodge huge accountability void as well as liquidations against himself when he found himself in the situation of Suharto.

Data-Bank Input / Output error would be Mr Dementia Lee's most perfect answers for his accountabilities for Singapore's reserves and CPF funds. :-)

As famiLEE gets themselves prepared, Singaporeans must also do our own countering preparations. Time is running out.

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Singapore Burma Axis - the fall of 1 will Expedite The Other

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I would like to compare the political relation between Polish Communist Regime & USSR. The fall of one led to the expedition of another. It is similar between Myanmar Military junta & famiLEE LEEgime's BG junta.

Causing the fall of USSR will cause Polish Communist Regime to be shaken down very soon, but the reversed actually played out. The relation of dependencies and filthy collaborations between Singapore's famiLEE LEEgime & Myanmar Military Junta is far beyond their similar CRACK DOWN on peaceful protesters.

Therefore I call the world's minds of justices to view the battle as ONE, that falling the 2 totalitarian regimes to be seen as one single or 2 joint efforts.

Singapore's famiLEE LEEgime being the lame version, and the Myanmar being the crude version, but they are just 2 faces of the same evil.

In particular with the Burmese people I would like to join hands with you in your struggle against military junta, as my fellow fighters had been arrested today for protesting for you, I am able to deeply share my feeling with your people suffering in Burma now. Fight on! Be prepared to pay the high price, but be very certain that you must get the result for the prices paid.

Lee Kuan Yew is a good friend of Than Shwe, who I believe your fellow Burmese people are arrest by, without knowing what are their charges. Our Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew can pull out his notorious Internal Security Acts, which I am challenging he to do so now. We fight together, and lets see which of Lee Kuan Yew & Than Shwe will fall first to be followed by the other.


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Sunday, October 07, 2007

General Strike & General Boycott NOW Burmese!

The situation in Burma now got into a threshold state, awaiting for many uncertain elements.

I suggest the Burmese people now consider seriously to go on nation-wide general strike; academic strike; market economic boycott, tune these concepts to suit the Burmese situation, but these had worked very well in many other countries in the past. Best example is Poland's toppling of communist regime led by Mr. Walesa's strike movements beginning at Lenin Shipyard. Polish communists were much stronger and more brutal than Myanmar Junta, and yet got toppled via massive series of nation-wide strikes lasting between 1980-1981.

For Burmese, it should be very significant of oil and gas industry workers and port workers go on general strike against the junta decisively. Civilian industries supporting military should be the next most important, including farmers supplying the food for junta's army. Except for hospitals and humanitarian workers, all should be included in general strike. Schools colleges and universities should go on strike. Factories; markets; street shops; transportations; communications; banks; engineerings; hotels etc. Just pull the plugs out!

This will be much more effective than UN imposed boycott.

famiLEE LEEgime's Ass Loong Son said junta is immured to UN scansions, :-) lets try this out!

Strictly no compromise and no negotiation, go straight on strike for 3 months to begin with. The Polish did it for about a year. Mr. Walesa & 1500 union leaders were arrested into jail during the worst of the widespread strikes across Poland, but communist regime couldn't stop the strike, and were forced to release Mr. Walesa out of prison to have him call off the strike. Strike ended within 3 days from release of Mr. Walesa, and he then became President Walesa. :-)

Patriotic Burmese should take serious consideration and learn from the Polish.


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