Sunday, October 07, 2007

General Strike & General Boycott NOW Burmese!

The situation in Burma now got into a threshold state, awaiting for many uncertain elements.

I suggest the Burmese people now consider seriously to go on nation-wide general strike; academic strike; market economic boycott, tune these concepts to suit the Burmese situation, but these had worked very well in many other countries in the past. Best example is Poland's toppling of communist regime led by Mr. Walesa's strike movements beginning at Lenin Shipyard. Polish communists were much stronger and more brutal than Myanmar Junta, and yet got toppled via massive series of nation-wide strikes lasting between 1980-1981.

For Burmese, it should be very significant of oil and gas industry workers and port workers go on general strike against the junta decisively. Civilian industries supporting military should be the next most important, including farmers supplying the food for junta's army. Except for hospitals and humanitarian workers, all should be included in general strike. Schools colleges and universities should go on strike. Factories; markets; street shops; transportations; communications; banks; engineerings; hotels etc. Just pull the plugs out!

This will be much more effective than UN imposed boycott.

famiLEE LEEgime's Ass Loong Son said junta is immured to UN scansions, :-) lets try this out!

Strictly no compromise and no negotiation, go straight on strike for 3 months to begin with. The Polish did it for about a year. Mr. Walesa & 1500 union leaders were arrested into jail during the worst of the widespread strikes across Poland, but communist regime couldn't stop the strike, and were forced to release Mr. Walesa out of prison to have him call off the strike. Strike ended within 3 days from release of Mr. Walesa, and he then became President Walesa. :-)

Patriotic Burmese should take serious consideration and learn from the Polish.


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