Wednesday, September 26, 2007

SAF & mata crackdown won't work for famiLEE LEEgime


Burma junta began violent crack down

  • Under the presently on going anit-junta campaign in Burma, I think it is the best time for me to write something for Singaporeans to compare possible similar scenario in our own anti-LEEgime reform movement.

  • SAF & SPF mata crackdown against a foreign workers riot is possible / workable for famiLEE LEEgime, however, not against a Singaporean campaign comparable to those in the past 8 days of peaceful marching by Burmese monks and nuns.

  • Because SAF & SPF are integral part of our small Singaporean population, living on this tiny red dot together with the people who the famiLEE LEEgime might have to order crack down against.

  • That would be asking soldiers & matas to fire at their own family members and friends, as well as fellow Singaporeans when all our civilians and SAF & matas are closely related as well as living in the same tiny red dot for long term.

  • There is no provincial divide or isolation between the troops and people in Singapore. In Malaysia it might still work if government ordered troops from East Malaysia to crack down on West Malaysian or troops from south to crack down on north. Note that Malaysian police station are mostly built with huge security compounds that have living quarters within for the families of troops to live permanently, this is an isolation security measure in related considerations.

  • DengXiaoPing during Tian An Men 1989 took months to deploy PLA divisions from far outside of BeiJing to carry out crackdown. The structure of PLA also does not use personnel to service in own home town, such that 38th Army of BeiJing deployment district for example are made up by soldiers from elsewhere.

  • Burmese Army & security forces ordered to carry out crackdown are transported by trucks from areas outside where they carry out crackdown. It is similarly unlikely that they are applying forces onto civilians consisting of their own families and friends, for Burma is a country larger then West Malaysia.

  • Uniquely Singapore, we are such a tiny red dot with population all living in the only single city of high density. It is impossible that SAF soldiers and matas won't have to face the same people in future, to consider carrying out brutal crackdown when ordered by famiLEE LEEgime, unless the SAF & matas all migrate after their crackdown. :-)

  • For SAF soldiers who fired upon our own civilians, famiLEE LEEgime would need to allow them to carry firearm for 24 hours their entire life, not just like CPL Dave Teo Ming to just bring rifle to Orchard for just few days. Otherwise these soldiers won't feel safe to face our civilians after conducting bloody brutalities on them.

  • Commanders and soldiers of PLA's 39th & 27th armies were reluctant to carry out orders of crackdown at Tian An Men. Some senior commanders were removed after the incident.

  • Soldiers of SAF often doubt themselves besides being doubted by others to be able to carry out bloody brutal combat duties against invading enemies, considering they are just Singaporeans being brought up in overly peaceful and civilized environment. All the more they would be unfit to carry out brutal crackdown on Singaporean civilians consisting of their own friends and family members.

  • Political inclination are rather even in Singapore, that we are aware that average one third of matas & SAF soldiers are not pro famiLEE LEEgime. As an activist myself I have encountered friendly and helpful matas even in the most hostile scenarios even encountered.

  • The famiLEE LEEgime is in very difficult position to have to depend on SAF soldiers & SPF matas to crackdown on Singaporeans when the current Burma scenario arise in Singapore.

  • The only foreign non-Singaporean troops they have and could count on would be the Gurkha police force, which is tiny force in comparison against regular police and SAF. These Gurkha are not Singaporean citizens, and are least likely to have friends & family members among potential protesters that they had to apply force upon.

  • The only true advantage Gurkha really have is better physical fitness over average male Singaporeans trained by NS in SAF. They are employed and paid with Singaporean tax payers funds. If they ever fired upon our civilians that would literally be dogs bitten their masters, which would provoke uncontrollable rage wide across entire Singapore.

  • In the scenario when SAF soldiers and SPF police won't carry out crackdown orders from familLEE LEEgime on Singaporean civilians, and that Gurkha opened fire. Soldiers and matas will be equally raged as our civilians.

  • My proposal for Singaporean is to use absolute force to crush down Gurkha without mercy if our own dogs bit us up. This tiny foreign force is out numbered by Singaporeans, if they persisted in combating us being foreigners alien on our soil I think it would justify genocide against them. When bloodbath is over there would be no Gurkha in Singapore but there will still be Singaporeans.

  • My proposal in such a scenario is to produce; export as well as consume locally cans of dog food branded UncleYap which material is Gurkha, it does not make any difference weather I am still alive or not. :-)

  • Written here are my strategic concepts, and analysis. Though I do not wish at all to see things happen in this way, I ask Singaporeans to consider and get psychologically prepared. We must be strategically prepared for the worst, and not be silly to always assume the best. We may hope for the best but must be ready for the worst. We will be steadily pulled through when we are prepared for the worst of the worst, otherwise we would be shocked by harsh reality, painful losses, feeling lost in despair and ended failed.

  • The lame bastards' famiLEE LEEgime isn't a significant enemy, our very own Kiasu & Kiasi mentalities are our worst enemies. :-)

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