Friday, September 28, 2007

Sustain Burmese! Your Persistence will Prevail

To my brave patriotic Burmese friends:

Your courage inspired my fellow Singaporeans and we are proud of you.

You have paid prices for your freedom and justice in blood, but this will be so worthwhile.

I support your cause and ask you to sustain on further, right now only your resolve and persistence will lead you to prevail. March on my Burmese friends, our hearts and spirits are with you!

Cease this opportunity and don’t let the prices paid be in vain. Only your persistence will ensure that your patriotic sacrifices will return in desired results. Don’t give up and fail your motherland my friends.

Salute from Singapore

Sammyboymod Thread

I call my fellow Singaporeans to lend support and sympathy to our Burmese friend, and more importantly, to learn from them. Like I called you to stay watchful and learn during the Thai Alliance's civil campaign against Thug-Sin, all the rather you should be watchful and learning this time from Burmese people fighting for their freedom. Lend our support and intensify our friendship at their time of needs, do anything within your own reach to help our Asean friends. Their fight is righteous and respectable and they are performing patriotically and courageously they are excellent examples for Singaporeans to learn. The pressure and price they are paying is definitely higher than the Thais against Thug-Sin, so they deserve more of our supports.

The sacrificed should be honored. Regardless weather they are student or peasant or monk or even soldiers, they died and suffered for the progress and improvement of their country they paid out for their motherland, future Burmese should be thankful and remember them.

The Primary objective now isn't peace nor law and order, but is the CHANGE THAT MUST TAKE PLACE. It will certainly not come for free, it will certainly cost, and price is due to be paid. Singaporean should try to consider by putting ourselves in the shoes of our Burmese friends.

The lost of lives and damages is Secondary, it have to be considered and weighted, but must not be wrongly misplaced or switch to the place of Primary. Don't pay the high price in vain without getting the result that had been paid for. Don't quit the objective for the avoidance of price. It is an extra bonus & success if you can lower or minimize the price, but the Primary objective must come first. Thais' bloodless coup to overthrow Thug-Sin is one best example.

Comparing Thai soldiers vs the Burmese soldiers, I trust fellow Singaporeans will cheer and respect the formal. This is the example our SAF should take after.

Singaporeans can help the Burmese get re-connected to Internet which junta had cut-off, via long distance dial up and relays; via VSAT; Inmarsat; Teledesic; Iridium; others global systems. The experience of helping others will be useful to ourselves in the future. :-)


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