Saturday, September 29, 2007

Simple Counter Measures against Crack Downs

In support of our Burmese friends, I am publishing some helpful information here that will become helpful to the peaceful protesters and marchers in Burma. Please help to relay these info into Burma now. Brutal atrocities had been committed on peaceful harmless marching monks, and they deserve protections:

Make shift Tear Gas Masks:

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Bring along rolls of food wrappers known as Clink Wraps or Glad Wraps to your civil actions. When tear gas are fired, tear out 2-feet sections of wrap immediately and distribute to everyone as makeshift tear gas mask, very effective and very cheap. Disposable. Learn how to use mouth to breath and hold breath when passing thick smoke. Tie wrap behind of your head, and MUST COVER EYES & NOSE.

The same wrap is a very effective counter measure also against pepper spray used by riot police. Cover sensitive parts of skin including neck & upper body, to protect against pepper sprays.

Use only as need and remove when not needed, caution against heatstroke.

Body Paddings Against Rubber Bullets:

No, I am not promoting Phua Chu Kang's PCK boots nor sport gears. But these things works perfectly against rubber bullets. But no, there are much simpler provisionals, that you can pocket inside extra layer of clothes or monks robes to protect your body effectively against rubber bullets. Such as a stack of news paper as thick as 154th ShitTimes; A writing pad or letter pad; Cut pieces used tires etc.

For very effective and full protection, the soles of Japanese slippers are very perfect. Pieces of them to be staffed inside pockets of a fishing-vest, as well as pockets of apron belt, will work very well that rubber bullets will be bounced off unhurt.

Make-Shift Protections Against Electric Stun Gun:

Inside an inner vest you wear, laminate linings made of alternate layers of insulations and conductor. To make these protective linings, just stack up several layers of plastic sheets with aluminum foils between plastic sheets. Wear this lining inside a vest. High voltage electric will be both insulated from your body as well as short-circuiting the electric stun guns frequently used by police.

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