Thursday, October 18, 2007

When to deal with CULPRIT vs ISSUES

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I refer you to the above where I discussed this subject.

For certain scenario, it is suitable to address the issue, and view every person as a helpless victim of the situation. For certain other scenario, it is to deal with a culprit and not the issue.

How this is to be decided weather to deal with culprit or issue is to be fairly based on how equally proportional the individual in the picture have control of the issue.

If you have a class of students in a quarrel, over their classroom seatings that no one want to take the seats near the window, because rain & shine could affect them. Then we address the issue of poor building requiring improvement. Since the students all have equal and proportional share of the matter, and are equally helpless and innocent - although some of them might be more wrong using certain tactics in the quarrel.

However, if you have a class that has over half the boys and girls all molested by the teacher. Then you got to fix the teacher as a culprit and not viewing the teacher as a victim of sexual trouble or psychological patient. Because in this case an adult having more senior age and stronger ability entrusted with power and authority is abusing these all and victimizing the young kids. In this case will be unfair to forgive this culprit or blame on to the kids, or conclude that teacher's spouse deprived the teacher of sex. This is something that you will have to track the school's management and MOE's supervision responsibilities also.

Singapore is controlled by LKy for coming to 50 years. His power and influence is paramount here on the laws and constitution and election system etc etc. He governs all these and all the people,media & CUNT and PA & RC etc all following him. HE OBVIOUSLY DON'T HAVE THE SAME SHARE OF CONTROL OVER SGP AS OTHER CITIZENS. For the corrupted system, we can not blame the system, for issues of failure, we can not just address the issues. Because there is no proportionally equal shares of control over things, and that one culprit had the paramount unchallenged power to exploit and engineer the whole system.

Therefore I insist that I must fix this on the culprit LKy.




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