Friday, June 27, 2008

If his dad instead of mom got stroke where would he be now?

Old News 2003 London

Ass Loong Son's mom 1st had a stroke in her brains while she was in London in 2003. Subsequently in Singapore a series of strokes occurred repeatedly.

Recently Ass Loong's dad old dog thief LKy showed clear signs of psychological shock after his wife got antoher 2 strokes, which precisely happened during the Political Masturbation which Old Dog Thief & son conducted at the High Court. He spewed lots of Super Ironical Political Coprorrhea such as: How Opposition Will Ruin Singapore in 5 Years via a FREAK ELECTION, and How voters would Vote For Self-Serving Government Instead Of One Capable Of Governance.

I suspect that Old Dog Thief LKy also had a stroke in his Data-Bank via the shocks from Mr Anwar Ibrahim's successes in Malaysia, including the March 2008 Election Results. :-)

Ass Loong Mom's stroke had rendered her totally out of senses stage by stage via each stroke, since 2003. Ass Loong Dad had gradually shown lost senses (could be due to madness) since a decade ago. :-) The particular signs includes his call for Bush Administration to further pursue Iraq Wars after entire world backed out of supportive positions. This also include that he stated that Singapore is in Golden Era when Recession & Acute Inflation is going on.

Ass Loong Son is Completely Useless, that his dad have to baby-sit his lame political kitten ass from tiny things such as SIA Pilot Union demanding salary increase, to major political crisis such as his 2005 visit to Taipei triggered firing from both sides of Taiwan Straits. :-)

Without his dad baby-sitting his lame ass, where would Ass Loong Son be?

If it was his daddy instead of mommy who got the same stroke in London in 2003, do you think he could still manage to hold on to his S$4million/year PM seat?

I bet his lame Ass Loong won't be able to last beyond 4 months in that seat after his old dog thief daddy got knocked out by a stroke. It does not even take any election, not to mention a FREAK one.

It does not even require the opposition to do anything indeed, just the chemistry within famiLEE LEEgime would be enough to take care of itself. I remind readers to consider what is currently going on within Malaysia's BN... Similar reaction will happen within LEEgime.


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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mr. Anwar's Reformasi is re-Educating LKy

I call on Singaporeans to closely watch / observe the political moves by Mr. Anwar this year. I see him make every correct move near perfection, in the excellent combination of electoral and non-electoral maneuvers he is eating up the BN regime via a strategy that Singaporean reformists must learn. He had educated lame bastard old dog thief Lee Kuan Yew that his childish strategy to sustain his famiLEE LEEgime is out-dated. In no way a copycat from Mr. Anwar's moves will work well here, but almost exactly, the many break-through in both electoral and extra-electoral areas are needed for Singapore.

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Old dog thief Lee Kuan Yew is dead meat hopelessly trying to teach his useless son how to depend on defamation suit and political masturbations; kangaroo court; 154th media; GRC & Vote Buying to sustain his pathetic famiLEE LEEgime. It is even more pathetic for those Singaporeans with such limited eye sights to look at Singapore's political horizon with the same myopic visions.

Please open your eyes and at least look across the Straits of Johore. Mr. Anwar's moves will shine some lights into the minds of Singaporean political vegetables. He was detained by ISA and disqualified from elections, he don't hold even a seat himself in the parliament, but solidly he grabs the crucial power - something that old dog thief Lee Kuan Yew never dreamed.

Mr. Anwar never played his games according to BN's rules, he just perfectly played BN out. :-)

Latest News

Parliament battle for Malaysia PM

By Robin Brant
BBC News, Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi (file image)
The prime minister is facing mounting calls for his resignation

Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi could face a vote of no confidence in parliament on Monday.

It would be the first time in the country's history that such a vote has taken place.

Supporters of Mr Abdullah have promised to try to fend off the challenge with procedures that favour the government.

But it is the latest sign of the growing weakness of the prime minister, following a dismal result in the general election earlier this year.

Embattled leader

No prime minister has ever had to endure a vote of no confidence in Malaysia's parliament, in fact there is no specific provision for it in the constitution.

Abdullah Badawi could be the first.

To add insult to injury it is lawmakers from his own side who are questioning his leadership.

The leader of a small party from Sabah, the usually sleepy state on the island of Borneo, stunned the country last week when he called for the vote.

He may have been hoping to trigger similar defections in other parties in the ruling coalition.

That has not happened yet.

But the idea of a no confidence vote has, once again, focused attention on the leadership of Abdullah Badawi - a man whose credibility is already battered.

He resisted calls to resign in the wake of March's general election, when his government suffered an unprecedented fall in support.

But he has been forced to agree a timetable to hand over to his deputy.

All this comes as the government has had to contend with a public angry at the rising costs of food and fuel.

Petrol prices jumped 40% two weeks ago after the government cut the subsidy.

Senior government politicians have said the no confidence vote will never happen.

But if not on Monday, then disillusioned lawmakers may be able to force it in the weeks ahead.
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