Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Reminding PRs & Singaporeans to Opt Out of HOTA

From my post in Sammyboymod forum:

hit Mata-Chia fight & rob Mata's Gun!

Fortunately not in Singapore :-)

It was in Taiwan.

Damn thug was ridding a stolen scooter, and Mata-Tau was ridding another scooter, saw the stolen scooter and got suspicious. Chansed the thug on his Mata-Scooter, the thug used his scooter to bang down the Mata-Chia, and started fighting with the Mata-Tau on the street.

Mata lost and the Mata Gun got robbed by the thug, then since the thug's theft scooter was damaged in the collison, he also took the Mata-Scooter and speed off!

Hours later the thug sold the Mata Gun, and abandoned the Mata-Chia - was found. The buyer paid NT20,000 for the Mata-Gun, but called Mata because was frightened to shit by the news. So thug & friend who sold the gun got arrested within 8 hours! Not bad for Taiwanese matas!

The thug is an ex-con and was found with illegal drugs when arrested.

The Mata-Tau got high appointment and indeed is the commander of a Shen Shui Mata-Chu.

However reflected against our Singaporean matas?

My News Blog Post

In the SGH's HOTA Scandal, Singaporean mata threatened victim late Mr. Sim Tee Hua's family members by INSTIGATING THEM TO SNATCH HIS MATA GUN!

This is a crime that I had sent email to Wong Kan Seng about. Yet there is no out come until now.

I received message that Singapore Matas are preparing to charge at least one member of the Sim family for something like disorderly conduct in public or what not.

They had not charged their own mata who had broken law much more seriously.

I remind Singaporeans to OPT OUT FROM HOTA.

Last month, I went to SGH with members of the Sim family to the ICU & OT areas of Block 5 SGH to survey the environment to understand clearly how the famiLEE LEEgime ploted and carried out the HUMAN ORGAN PLUNDERING STUNT.

I was told exactly how were the dozens of matas were deployed and positioned. Where did they tricked the Sim family out to before they stole the organs by rushing victim into their slaughtering house.

OPT OUT FROM HOTA Singaporeans!
OPT OUT FROM HOTA Singaporeans!
OPT OUT FROM HOTA Singaporeans!

If you don't you are risking your own loved ones from suffering the same ordeal as the Sim family, and you failed to give famiLEE LEEgime a message to amend the flawed HOTA laws.

Email to Wong Kan Seng & demand a pulic inquiry opened.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nepotism Corrected At World Bank's Top

To reflect against famiLEE LEEgime's salary hike and LEEgalized Grafts and Plundering, the World Bank had just corrected their own with the resignation of bank president Paul Wolfowitz, as seen in today's news. The famiLEE's father & son still conduct their LEEgalized Plundering & Graft by paying each other millions from Rep of Singapore Tax Payers' funds.

World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz said Thursday he will resign at the end of June, giving up his long fight to survive pressure for his ouster over the generous compensation he arranged for his girlfriend.

His departure ends a two-year run at the development bank that was marked by controversy from the start, given his previous role as a major architect of the Iraq war when he served as the No. 2 official at the Pentagon.

Wolfowitz's girlfriend Riza worked for the bank before Wolfowitz took over as president in June 2005. She was moved to the State Department to avoid a conflict of interest but stayed on the bank's payroll. Her salary went from close to $133,000 to $180,000. With subsequent raises, it eventually rose to $193,590. The panel concluded that the salary increase Riza received "at Mr. Wolfowitz's direction was in excess of the range" allowed under bank rules.

Wolfowitz resignation is over a $60K salary increment given to his girlfriend. However the famiLEE LEEgime's father & son old and young dog thief gave each other million dollar increments in salaries. The World Bank should take note of this and discuss appropriate action against this in the next IMF meeting? :-)

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