Friday, October 10, 2008

How Much is Left in GIC Temasek this week?

Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew suddenly healed from his nearly 10 days of Oral Constipation today, and he had his big gap shut completely since the passing of Mr. JBJ. After Old Dog Thief's oral diarrhea on Golden Period & expression of false confidence with the US economic strength, just not too long ago, Wall Street gave his dog face a series of loud and clear slapping. I guess that was the cause of Lee Kuan Yew's switching from Oral Diarrhea to nearly 10 days of Oral Constipation, not to mention his recent heart rate issue and hospitalization. He compared his own hospitalization with that of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il. Kim had recently made public appearance to prove Old Dog Thief's rumor regarding his health wrong. :-)

These are not the real issue in this post.

The issue is Where Is Our Money old dog thief?

How much is left with GIC Temasek after this week? What about next week?

DOW is 8139 as I am writing, FTSE is 4087; Nikke is 8176; STI is 1948.

So how much of our CPF savings are lost? How much to be further lost?

Why are we paying the world's highest salaries for greedy selfish cowards cabinet which now tell us to rely on Indian economy tonight? Shouldn't we employ Indian cabinet for tenth of the LEEgime minister's salaries instead?

Old Dog Thief said Singapore was in the beginning of 10 years of Golden Era to justify the pay rise of his famiLEE LEEgime cabinet. Now they are telling us economic recession / depression and pay-cut and job-cut. What kind of incompetent liar is this?

Where is Our Money now, self-serving crooks?

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