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NO BODY can vote on behalf of DEAD MP

In my previous blog post, I had not put it in the plain and simple text to point out that regardless of what Cover Of Duty by other MPs in a GRC etc, STILL NO VOTE CAN BE CAST FOR THE VACANT PARLIAMENTARY SEAT ON BEHALF OF ANY DEAD MP.

This is the most important duty of an MP - to vote in parliament in representation of the rights of his constituency's electorates. Nothing else is more basic and fundamentally important than this as a duty of a Member of Parliament to do for his / her constituency's electorates.

In famiLEE LEEgime and in most parliaments I am aware of, there is no such thing as proxy voting or voting on behalf of a dead MP. A dead MP can not vote, the electorates of his / her constituency LOST THEIR RIGHTS of voting and representation in the parliament once the seat for their constituency become vacant. I don't even think that there is any proxy voting in parliament for case of absentee e.g. hospitalized or traveling MPs.

In the case of a vacant seat, the only available means for the constituency's electorates to replace or fill their vacated MP's seat is to elect another MP via a By-Election. Otherwise, there is absolutely no one in the parliament to cast vote for these electorates, exercising the legislative power and basic democratic rights of these citizens who suffers from a vacated seat of their constituency in parliament.

The famiLEE LEEgime's hoodwink regarding covering of duty of a dead PM by other MPs from the same GRC is only referring to minor things such as Meet The People Sessions, writing a letter to e.g. HDB on behalf of dead MP, or at the most raise an issue in the parliament. However, what the famiLEE LEEgime did not tell the people is this so called covering of duty DOES NOT INCLUDE VOTING IN THE PARLIAMENT on behalf of any vacant seat.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Most Significant Filth with famiLEE LEEgime's GRC System

GRC system is one of the many foul shams conducted by Old Dog Thief LKy's famiLEE LEEgime which is notorious of such things.

It is well known for being foul to get famiLEE LEEgime's candidates unfairly elected by lumping vote counts of up to 6 constituencies together into a group instead of each constituency by it's own to determine the election results. That is foul for over a decade to help famiLEE LEEgime preventing lost of parliamentary seats after Mr. JBJ broke LEEgime's parliamentary monopoly in Anson constituency in 1981, followed by Mr. Chiam See Tong, Mr. Cheo Chye Chen & Mr. Ling How Dong.

However I am now pointing out to what is the most significant filth about this foul GRC system.


That is stated in Republic of Singapore Statute's Chapter 218, Parliamentary Election Act, Section 24 (2A):

Writ of election
24. —(1) For the purposes of every general election of Members of Parliament, and for the purposes of the election of Members to supply vacancies caused by death, resignation or otherwise, the President shall issue writs under the public seal, addressed to the Returning Officer.

(2) Every such writ shall be in Form 1 in the First Schedule and shall specify the date or dates (referred to in this Act as the day of nomination) not being less than 5 days nor more than one month after the date of the writ and the place or places of nomination (referred to in this Act as the place of nomination).

(2A) In respect of any group representation constituency, no writ shall be issued under subsection (1) for an election to fill any vacancy unless all the Members for that constituency have vacated their seats in Parliament.
(3) Upon receipt of the writ, the Returning Officer shall proceed to hold the election in the manner hereinafter provided.

There will be no by election unless ALL the MPs in a GRC (up to 6) are vacated, either by resignation; death or disqualification. That means even when only 1 out of 6 MPs of a GRC is remaining in the seat the the president will not sign a writ of election in order to hold any by-election. This clause is quite well hidden in the portion mentioning writ in stead of GRC!

Why is this Most Significantly Filthy & Foul?


Take for example the Jurong GRC which is supposed to have 5 MPs, there are only 4 left after Ong's death:

  • The voters of Jurong GRC is supposed to have 5 votes in the parliament each by an MP to represent the rights of Jurong GRC's voters, after Ong's death there is only 4 votes left for voters of Jurong GRC, that is a serous compromise & prejudice to voters' rights in the parliament.
  • Voters from Ong's Bukit Batok Constituency have actually ZERO vote in the parliament after Ong's death, because NO OTHER MP COULD VOTE ON BEHALF OF A DEAD MP.
  • This seriously flawed and seriously unfair system is foul irrespective of the sad fact that 82 (now 81) seats are with famiLEE LEEgime's PAp in the parliament. This foul flaw is legislated in the law which will apply to any other situation regardless the proportion by which different political parties hold seats in parliament.
It is very simple mathematics that 4 votes does not equal to 5 (for Jurong GRC's voters' rights), and 0 vote does not equal to one (for Bukit Batok's voters' rights). This becomes particularly clear when for example, people of Bukit Batok are in conflict of political interest against people of other constituencies, there is no vote to cast for their right at all in the parliament after Ong's death.

From this angle it is very obvious and easy for any person to understand why famiLEE LEEgime's GRC system is foul and most significantly filthy in the aspect of depriving citizen's rights of representation in parliament when they lost their GRC's MP via death or resignation or disqualification. These voters will suffer unfortunately and most unfairly until the next General Election under the famiLEE LEEgime's foul GRC system.

I like to point out that famiLEE LEEgime itself is very likely blinded by their own majority control and dictatorial manipulation of parliament, from this significantly foul flaw in that, they will fail to see any difference caused by this flaw since the sham parliament had never really represented the rights of voters, but had hijacked voters' rights altogether under the hands of famiLEE always. All the voters from the 82 constituencies always had their rights hijacked and exploited regardless weather their MPs are dead or alive!


I therefore ask all Singaporean voters to back the calls from Reform Party for by-Election.

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