Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Reformasi better not be a still birth

Again I urge Singaporeans to pay attention to watch on going Malaysian political development.

My own observation is that BN Regime is surely but NOT slowly falling apart.

Most of today's MalaysiaKini.Com's headlines suggested so:

BN to let Umno decide on Ahmad
Umno chieftain meets PM in Putrajaya
Racial issues: Army chief tells gov't to act
'Sack Ahmad and detain him under ISA'
MCA too wants stern action
The real danger of Ahmad Ismail
Gerakan reps quit BN Youth in protest
NGOs: Don't use Sedition Act on Umno leader
Sin Chew Daily: We did no wrong
PKR fears Anwar's bail revoked tomorrow

It would be anarchy and chaos in the view of chemistry of conflicts and splitting within UMNO & BN as the impacts of March 2008 GE & Anwar's By-Election sets in - IF THERE WAS A STILL BIRTH OF PARKATAN REGIME TO REPLACE THE FALLING BN.

That could happen, if BN e.g. abused the sodomy charge to disqualify Mr. Anwar again.

BN Regime since Tunku Abdul Rahman and changed and faded much and time had changed much. It's traditions such as Racially Based component parties is unable to match today's reality any longer. I think it reached a phase to retire as oppositions and take time to renew itself like what the Taiwanese KMT had been through during Ah Bian's DPP regime.

At this time it will be a real crisis if the replacement regime suffered a still birth.

I pray for this not to happen.

Malaysia is a brotherly nation of Singapore, and I urge Singaporeans to wish Malaysia & Reformasi well.

The Reformasi had and is continuing to inspire us in Singapore. I wish the Malaysians success.

Further up north, Thai struggles also inspire me. Thais show their courage; resolve and strength. They had been in struggles for time longer than Malaysians, from peaceful civil campaigns to military coups and mixtures in between both. Eye opening for Singaporeans indeed.

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