Sunday, August 10, 2008

Singapore's drinking water will contain radio-active contamination

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Marina Barrage Reservoir is converting marina into drinking water supply!

For whole of 2 years American nuclear submarine USS Houston had leaked water containing radiations into sea ports including Singapore Malaysia Japan Pearl Harbor and Guam etc, and went on undetected until early August 2008.

It had been in Singapore's Changi Naval Base, where our NS men navy including divers are being trained. It is logical expectation that our Singaporean members of public & Navy NS men had been exposed to sea water containing radio-active nuclear leakage as such.

However, without disclosing sufficient details, the famiLEE LEEgime went on to defend itself and US Navy to claim that leakage was WITHIN SAFETY limits. No other countries including US itself had made any similar claim that their own leakage was within safety limit nor claim that water in their own ports had not been contaminated to unsafe levels. Only the famiLEE LEEgime will compromise national and citizens' basic interest for foreign powers.

The famiLEE LEEgime did not specify the length of time during which the leaking nuclear submarine USS Houston stayed in Changi Naval Base as well as past Singapore's water.

Being a tiny red dot, the Changi Naval Base is very near to Marina, and it is within the natural current flow that radio-active leakage from USS Houston leaking in either Changi Naval Base, or passing the sea just outside Marina will contaminate our water in the marina with toxic and harmful nuclear wastes.

Just at the precise timing, PUB is converting the Marina into a reservoir for drinking water supply for consumption of all Singaporeans. This is called the Marina Barrage Reservoir project that is currently in it's completion phase.

The very logical implication from these facts is that Our Drinking Water will contain some radio-active nuclear wastes leaked from US Navy submarine USS Houston.

Singaporeans and any foreigners swimming or diving or boating or fishing in our water will be exposed to the same toxic contaminations. Once the Marina Reservoir is used, we will also be all drinking the water containing harmful nuclear waste leaked by US Navy submarine USS Houston.

Dr Yaacob Ibrahim the famiLEE LEEgime's million dollar minister of The Environment and Water Resources, must clarify this matter seriously and provide more details of the leakage to the public. Cancers and birth defects & other radio-active waste related health problems may harm Singaporeans, and we should not take it so lightly.

The notorious famiLEE LEEgime's Sai Chwee (NeWater) is now instead of just Shit Water, but Nuclear Leakage Water, that the US Navy nuclear submarine is Peeing in our water. (辐射污水)Are we drinking that?

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how abt posting your news release at:

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Blogger Victor said...

Singapore Kopitiam has replaced the now defunct "'s Alfresco Coffee Shop" at Delphiforums.

Singapore Kopitiam can be reached at:

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Blogger Victor said...

Singapore Kopitiam has replaced the now defunct "'s Alfresco Coffee Shop" at Delphiforums.

Singapore Kopitiam can be reached at:

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Blogger sunshinesmiles said...

To Uncle Yap,

Thank's for updating us with this details.In regard's to Mr Ravi's clip which is posted on your blog,which say's he never entered
the mosque.This could be easily vertifyed,as I was told, there are
CCTV camera's within the surrondings of the mosque.I am sure this will help to determine,whether Mr Ravi did or did not enter the mosque.

Do,continue updating us about the
current affairs of singapore.


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