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There are several definitions of the term Political Masturbation, all are applicable on the defamation suits of famiLEE as well as many of their lame political tactics.

From the Urban Dictionary:

1. political masturbation

1. slang. Term used to describe any political process that serves only as a distraction from more important matters.

The Senate's ongoing debate over the Flag Burning Amendment is a great example of political masturbation.

From the Truthiness Encyclopedia:

Political Masturbation

Political masturbation occurs when two heads of state meet and mutually engratiate with each other to the point that one or other of them walks away smiling.

Translation in Chinese - 政治自慰:

  • Example online quote 1 : para4 - 这是权力象征游戏的一部分。皇帝及其家族在其间展开政治自慰。
  • Example online quote 2 : title - 政治自慰光碟 泛藍強推兩岸和平促進法,這個法案就跟某位藝人的自慰光碟一樣,是用來迷幻自己,自我安慰的。
  • Example online quote 3 : title - 抑扁挺謝,綠色學者政治自慰 用自慰這個詞,是要挨衛道人士的駡的。原諒我,原本,我還像用"手淫"這兩個字呢。

Why is Political Masturbation applicable to famiLEE's Defamation Suits?

Because it is just essentially a self-soothe action, without any realistic impact on political opponents. Old Dog Thief Lee Kuan Yew is just pacifying his son hoping to give him the lacking courage and confident to remain in the PM seat. However

PM = Political Masturbator
MM= Master Masturbator

The NKF Defamation Suit cost the famiLEE LEEgime a huge political price. And it is redundant however to make Dr. Chee & Miss Chee bankrupt or disqualify them from elections, because double bankruptcy on any individual serves no purpose. Other previous cases of famiLEE's LEEgime's corrupted sentences had already bankrupted & disqualified the Chees. Lame famiLEE is just paying high additional political costs for NOTHING TO GAIN.

Weather Singapore Democratic Party is made liable financially or not, have also no practical impact essentially. It does not even affect elections. Lame famiLEE is just paying high additional political costs for NOTHING TO GAIN in this case as well. Financially any political party can be ran like an empty shell company.

There is not a single reduction of political threat nor gain any strategic advantage for famiLEE LEEgime in this case. The same opposition fellows are still going to be here, attacking famiLEE LEEgime during as well as in between elections non-stop. This NKF Defamation Suit so called isn't going to change anything to any advantage to famiLEE LEEgime, it only cause them more bad reputations and public hatred.

The worst aspect to the famiLEE LEEgime uniquely this time (and onwards) is indeed that there is no effective intimidation to any political opponent either within or outside of Singapore. This had practically rendered old dog thief Lee Kuan Yew's most frequently used weapon (abusive brazen defamation suits) entirely useless once and for all.

The trend since 2006 when this suit began clearly proved that, SDP and other anti-LEEgime faction does not take LKy's defamation suit seriously into consideration any more. The attacks faced by famiLEE LEEgime had drastically increased, the number of attackers and the extend of attack both increased from 2006 until now. The famiLEE LEEgime had not been able to find any effective defense after their notorious brazen defamation suits had been rendered useless.

The most pathetic aspect of this NKF suit is that, it don't even seem to help the famiLEE LEEgime in ANY ASPECT at all, I just fail to see any way they could gain from this suit.

Comparatively, those previous brazen abuses of defamation suits on Mr. JBJ and Mr. Tang Liang Hong had been able to serve the corrupted tyrannic purposes of famiLEE LEEgime. Mr. Tang & Mr. Francis Seow had until today not returned to Singapore after these notoriously oppressive abuses. Today it is no longer the same. From now on it will never be the same. It is thus very clear that famiLEE LEEgime's days are numbered. :-)

NKF Defamation Suit is only famiLEE's Political Masturbation and nothing more.

It is just the Lee's Royal Masturbation Orgy involving the father & son, and even the royal cousin Wong Kan Seng no longer want to take part in it. No other LEEgime ministers willing to do so either. In LKy old dog thief's good old days he could force a mere dozen of ministers into his orgy. Those days are now gone.

It is famiLEE's Political Masturbation for the sake of self-comforting and gain disillusion of victory, these cowards need that sort of self-deceiving sensation in order to have confident to carry on as a LEEgime. This is very comparable to Bush's Iraq War Victory Celebration - another major example of Political Masturbation.

Lees and Bush are the same type of incompetent jerks, but only that they are plundering more salaries than Bush, about 6 times more. And they all are politically masturbating.

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