Monday, April 07, 2008

A deeper cut into Complacency cover of Incompetency

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I am not demolishing what you said here, but allow me to introduce a different angle of view please. I will try here to avoid slamming LKy too hard as I usually do.


LKy is still trying to get a way to dignify the most ugly un-concealable and embarrassing failures here. Instead of admitting to incompetency and falsehood, he found this word Complacency to substitute the actual word which is Incompetency.

In this way he hope to dignify and restore some lost face - which is as usual THE most important thing to him.

The thing that famiLEE LEEgime can bear the least is the ruin of falsehood and DESTRUCTION OF ESTEEM / MORAL, which is a very serious crisis that even his damn Ass Loong Son couldn't handle - and he AWOL!

LKy is desperately attempting to disguise the destruction of esteem & FALSE CONFIDENCE within famiLEE LEEgime, and Apply anesthesia to their own shock and fear of their VERY OWN REALITY of hollow standing.

Complacency is moral lifting word of consolation desperate LKy hope to use to pull his famiLEE LEEgime back into the order.

See it a bit clearer now?

The falsehood is very important to the continued existence of famiLEE LEEgime, shattering that, they perish without any further hope to sustain. Their fundamentals are already gone, and had been only prolonging their interest by falsehood. NDP are the annual investments they systematically squander $$$$ to organize to fabricate / forge such falsehood. Falsehood of strength, efficiency, confident, spirit, enthusiasm and patriotism.

Singaporeans' truth are very far from Complacency with reality they know well and feel and live within daily. Singaporean actually lives in fear, despair, anger, sense of lost and regret within this red dot. Complacency only exist within the moments of NDP fireworks & SAF Wayang Display, beyond that, it is the daily realty the Singaporeans looking out with their necks stretched long for their CPF, enduring NKF anger, sad about suicides, worried about high medical fees, furious about new ERP gantries and GST hikes and ministerial salary hikes, fear for bankruptcy, fear for being fined, fear for being arrested, being retrenched, fear for dengue and SARS & bird flu....

Complacency MY ASS!

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