Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Evidence Against False Statement of SPF

Accordingly the famiLEE LEEgime mata released statement stating that I refused medical examination in Cantonment mata-chu after my arrest on 15.Mar.2008. This is a false statement I hope they will clarify to reduce damage to their own image.

The above image is the scanning of 2 plastic medicine bags containing 1 pain killer and 2 gastric pills respectively. My name is written on them, with date 16.Mar.2008 which was Sunday the 2nd day of my detention at Cantonment mata-chu.

These are the medicine given by mata's out-sourced doctor, which are what I took on Monday morning when I ate a small piece of bread with these medicine. It can not be from my private doctor because private doctor will not be allowed to visit me inside the lock-up.

They gave me pain killer for my gout toe, and this pain killer has side effect of causing gastric damages so it can not be taken empty stomach, and must be taken together with gastric pills. I am familiar with such kind of drugs because I had treated my toe for many years. The main thing I want is to reduce the size of the gout trophy lump rather than the pain, because there is hardly any much pain.

I kept these plastic bags, just in case I found the medicine very effective, then I would seek to buy the same in the future. However in the end I found that the pain killer did not reduce the swelling much.

Actually I carried Prednisolone 5mg which work for me usually in reducing the gout swelling, it is in my key pouch. I asked the mata to let me take my own Prednisolone, but they were so Kiasu Kiasi, afraid that I might die of suicide or what not, they won't let me take my own medications, and they activated Raffles Medical on Sunday night to give me medical check up and give me these medicines. Then was the 2nd time this particular doctor had given me medical check up in Cantonment mata-chu. The 1st time was on 15.Mar.2008 just after our arrests.

It was Sunday night and felt obligated to the doctor who came swiftly for only me and no one else. I said to him "Thank You Doctor" about 4 times.

The SFP can release such public statement accusing me of refusing medical check up in Cantonment mata-chu is ridiculous and very amazing. :-)

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