Thursday, March 13, 2008

Squandering millions & fail to capture a crippled JI

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I repeat my call to Wong Kan Seng to donate his salary and take pay cut himself. That his salary should be used as a reward to find his own JI baby. This is to compensate his failure of leadership in MHA. If he doesn't why should any other Singaporeans do more than him?

Why should these lackeys of PAp be offering tiny amounts?

Why is the famiLEE LEEgime itself not posting any official award?

Those sitting in the parliament as MPs, pse stand up to question Teo Chee Hien & Wong Kan Seng if not Ass Loong Son, on how much of tax payer's fund had been spent so far in man hunt. How much more will be spent and how much longer?

Parliament is to put a limit to this stupid squandering. Inflation is underway and budget can be used to benefit Singaporeans in much more meaningful and important ways than unfruitfully hunting a crippled JI.

All the MPs, including PAppies, I call you to your duties, check this PAp cabinet on their man hunt squander and and their unfruitful result. If there is clear incompetence please take NO CONFIDENCE VOTE to liquidate this cabinet!

I saw millions of Mas Selamat KeLari poster printed big and small, spending more than millions of tax payers funds. What is the returns? Capture a cripple JI? Are you trying to make Mas Selamat KeLari the next Singapore Idol or what?

When your DPM & MM & PM claim that this crippled JI is not a security threat you squander our money to mend your face?

Our tax payer are paying more GST for you to do this?



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