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Election Related Aspects of Reform

In the recent Public Forum on Electoral Reform, I only recorded & blogged the event, and remained silent during the event. I did not want to cause any disruption to the interaction there, but these are things related to the issue, which I will only now share with you via this blog:

  • At this time, it is more IMPORTANT to UN-ELECT than to get elected.
I feel that most people had missed this important angle and point that at this time for this Republic of Singapore, the most important thing ISN'T to get any particular person or group of persons elected in any so called elections held by famiLEE LEEgime.

If given the choice, to get 2 persons e.g. Dr CSJ & Mr. JBJ elected into the so called parliament, we would rather NOT do so, but rather to REMOVE 2 persons from power, namely old dog thief LKy & his Ass Loong Son. That will really be much much more meaningful to the purpose of reform, and much much more effectively cause a meaningful difference.

It is NOT who we can get elected now, it is WHEN can we remove who that is the key significant thing here in Singapore. Mr. JBJ had been more than once elected into that so called parliament, but what happened to him after that? Mr. Chia Thye Poh had also been elected, but what happened to him after that?

The crucial difference isn't really the person or persons we could get into the parliament, but it is WHEN we can get particularly the LEEs out of there, and defeat them permanently as well as punish them sufficiently to set examples for the future of our republic. This is only step number one.

The subsequent steps will then include who we should help to get elected into the post famiLEE LEEgime government or parliament. Without fully completing the 1st step, we shouldn't try to jump to any subsequent steps, simply that is waste of time & efforts and will yield no meaningful result.

  • Elections (so called) are only occasional & more formal platform essentially for attacks, NOT a true channel for Reform currently.
Reformists taking part currently under famiLEE LEEgime should not see that as the true channel for reform nor the only time frame or opportunity. The efforts should be rendered more outside than inside the election period. Elections are jsut falsehood to LEEgitimize the famiLEE LEEgime, and are NOT to be taken as any democratic electoral process like they are supposed to be. They are indeed not real elections. Taking part in it should not be done in any ways that honors the falsehood, but rather using the process to EXPOSE the nature of this falsehood, as well as using the platform to launch effective attacks.

The reformists must leverage on the disadvantage of famiLEE LEEgime that they can not do without this falsehood, and have to bear with going through this formality, this window for reformists is not one to really get elected but rather one to enjoy the window of vulnerability of famiLEE LEEgime, during such scandals like NKF will become extra extra sensitive, and SHOULD NOT BE SPEARED FROM ATTACKS.

Regardless how they defend, hits must be achieved at any cost, for maximum damage. Missing that window is a MAJOR mistake which we must lean and remember. 5 precious years is a very long cycle to await for another similar window to arrive.

It is however NOT that a Totalitarian like famiLEE LEEgime will only fall during such a window, it's rather indeed the opposite. The special chemistry and sensitive mode of people & LEEgime bastards during such a window of time is regardlessly precious because at other times, such conditions are not easily found.

It is MUCH MORE LIKELY that famiLEE LEEgime's fall is at a time OUTSIDE election period via some Extra-Electoral causes. :-)

The aboves points are too strong for the event of public forum, which is a consideration that I avoided to mention them during then.

  • Compulsory Voting isn't only UNNECESSARY, but also UNFAIR, and a deliberate ploy abused crucially by famiLEE LEEgime.
Most countries don't implement compulsory participation in voting like famiLEE LEEgime. In the case of Thailand, NO VOTE had always been provided as a choice on the ballots.

famiLEE LEEgime not only FORCED voters to make a choice to make a choice (usually out of only 2), even when actually NONE is really desired by voter, famiLEE LEEgime also FORCED voter to accept WALK-OVER as their choice. There is no providence for voters to indicate NONE or NO VOTE or disapproval of the WALK-OVER. Comparing with other systems, like the Thai I believe, even when there is only one candidate, ballots are given to voters for them to indicate weather they are supportive or in rejection to this one only candidate.

Poll result are only meaningful statistic when the voters are not forced in any way to mark ballots due to the lack of meaningful choices on ballots. The opinion of voters had been misconstrued systematically by the deliberately abused flaw within famiLEE LEEgime's so called Election System.

The objective of the shameless famiLEE LEEgime is to distort the result of poll in mangled way to acclaim their own non-existent MANDATE.

The secrecy of vote had been abusively applied TO COVER UP THE TRUTH including the false nature of mandate, to protect the Totalitarian famiLEE LEEgime, where the original purpose of secrecy would be to offer protection to voter optionally.

I want to stress that, in this current political atmosphere in Singapore, many people would PROUDLY announce their own votes made, or to be made when the polling day arrived. The abusive application of Secrecey of Vote had been WRONGFULLY APPLIED by famiLEE LEEgime to BAN Exit Poll, Gallop Poll or any other statistical survey which could offer a check and comparison against famiLEE LEEgime's ONE & ONLY result.

famiLEE LEEgime admittedly indicated that they have deep fear to see a contradicting statistic figures which will introduce doubt against their so called Official Results. They are busing the Secrecy of Vote to make their own announced result THE ONLY AUTHORITATIVE SOURCE unchallenged. This is the same nature as their own official propaganda machines to be deem as THE ONLY and ONE FOR ALL voice on behalf of entire population - key feature of their own Totalitarian culture.

  • A technical concept of fairness more fraud-proof than others:
I mentioned during General Election 2006 my own concept of VOTERS' SELF VERIFIED VOTE, an approach that can have each & every vote accounted and verified truthfully, protecting the poll integrity against most forms of frauds, while preserving secrecy of vote to be known only to each individual voter.

In the aim of sharing with reformists outside of Singapore, I am writing this here again in better details. This concept should be useful for more than just Singapore.

There had been constant arguments regarding the serial numbers on famiLEE LEEgime's ballots & their practice of registering the voters identity with possibility to trace the serial number of issued ballot and then hence revealing the voters' vote eventually.

My modification here utilized the computer world's concept of UUID generated on the spot as ballots are being issued, NOT RECORDED in any way in connection with the voters' identity, but only recording the issuing place & time in the polling system, however the voter is given a copy of this Universally Unique (ballot) Identification. This UUID identify the ballot ticket and not the voter, but the voter gets to keep the UUID for their own later verification purpose, while the system keeps no record of each voters is given ballot bearing which UUID.

At polling station, after checking the legitimacy of voters, a ballot ticket is generated with a UUID plus a tab also bearing the same UUID, both provided to the voter. 2 separated records are made in the system:

  1. UUID issued at this place and time
  2. this voter is already voted (and not allow to vote again later)
These 2 records must be SEPARATED and can not cross identify each other.

The voter can made their own decision on weather to keep their ballot tabs which bears the UUID or to destroy it on the spot. The idea here is to provide FOR ONLY FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL VOTERS PERSONAL SAFE KEEPING the UUID of his / her own ballot. The tab does not record the vote nor the voters particular but bear just only the UUID.

At the end of the poll, the election body MUST PUBLISH COMPLETELY on Internet & printed media the details accounting each vote with their UUIDs including spoil votes. So each individual voter could verify and check that their own votes had been taking correctly. When doing so with internet, no person ID is needed by the system, just enter the UUID to highlight it among all the detailed published results.

The result publication list all the UUIDs of ballots voted for each candidate, as well as the spoiled ones, every issued ballots must be published, and it must be checked against the total number of resisted voters. Although having so much details published there is no compromise in secrecy of vote because ONLY VOTERS KNOW THE UUID OF THEIR OWN BALLOTS.

The system should however ALLOW any voters to reveal to others the UUID of their own ballots after the poll, if they wish to disclose their own vote by doing so. Voters can certainly choose to keep their ballots' UUID secret, or choose entire not to keep their tab when being issued with their ballot, or only memorizing their own 16 byte long UUID and discard tab.

This concept lets each and every voter have the absolute sure way to check and assure that their own votes are accounted correctly. In the situation of Singapore where we have only about 2 million voters, it is possible to even scan and publish each individual ballot online in form of digital image, to allow public to verify the markings of choices as well as the bearing UUIDs on ballots. This way, absolute transparency of poll is achieved, and there is only very little room for any fraud under this concept.

famiLEE LEEgime practice the complete destruction of ballots after the poll, in the name of Secrecy of Vote. Their abusive application of Secrecy is for the WRONG PROTECTION applied reversely against public interest. In my concept here it is to provide permanent records for transparency of poll and total accountability beyond doubt to assure integrity of poll, while maintaining necessary privacy as desired by SOME voters.

The protection object in the Secrecy of Vote should be protecting the voters which does not wish to disclose the vote they made. That should be the ONLY aspect of protection, and thus anything beyond this aspect should be made fully transparent and accountable. The existing technology can reasonably and economically fulfill these, and we must take full advantage accordingly without compromise.


I conceived another concept on integrity for register of voters, which can be published online for transparency, while protecting privacy through a similar concept of SEPARATION of records disabling cross linking. This is however only economical for more developed countries.

Four SEPARATED (unlinked) publicly presentations online voter register produce the following informations:

  • Voters names
  • Voters photographs
  • Voters Addresses
  • Pre-Poll online Check-In (linked only to addresses)

For example, for the parliamentary seat of XYZ electoral zone which has 3000 registered voters. The registry online have 4 separated parts, there must be 3000 name; 3000 photos of faces; 3000 addresses within the XYZ electoral zone. The online information however will NOT relate any particular name to any particular photo or any particular address. So we will not know which face has which name and lives where.

Pre-Poll online Check-In, helps further to eliminate PHANTOM VOTERS, who have already deceased for example. Each voter who login online to check-in, is only indicated by a number listed against each address So it can be established that in this house / unit of building, there are e.g. 4 registered voters and only 3 had checked-in online. Voters who didn't check-in for valid reasons should still be allowed to vote, but the check-in information provides indications and clues for public to verify potential PHANTOM VOTERS. If there were potential PHANTOM VOTERS, this system gives the idea of how many, and where about are they from. If a high number of voters voted without 1st checking-in at a period before the polling day, it exposed the potential PHANTOM VOTERS, and put doubts to the integrity of election. Otherwise, it will just reflect against how well and true is the register of voters in order.

There should be a FIFTH part of this online information AFTER the poll, in addition to that Check-in portion, to indicated that a ballot had been issued to voter within that Check-In list. The only purpose is to indicate after the poll that some one from that address had been issued a ballot to vote without a pre-poll check-in.

The integrity of voters' register need to be checked and updated, especially if a voter is indicated without any pre-poll check-in nor had been issued a ballot, to confirm if this voter still really exist or had been deceased. It is possible that such a person is either imprisoned or missing or living out of country.


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