Friday, November 16, 2007

French Workers On Strike Again Pension Reform

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The French Workers of Transportation are on the 3rd day of strike against Pension System Reform, which is in nature very close with Singaporean CPF Annuity Reform, whereby retirement benefit of workers are at stake and they are taking Industrial Actions to express this dissatisfactions against the proposed changes as well as guarding their own rights by actions.

I call the Singaporeans to observe and ponder on this, as well as make your own comparisons.

Compare your rights, your benefits, your retirement security and unemployment security.

Do you have rights of Industrial Actions in Singapore, do you have any Unemployment Security? What happened when you reached age of 55? Are you still working hard to Pay Into the CPFB instead of Being PAID back by CPFB?


Would you like to do something to guard your very own securities and rights like the French are doing?

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