Thursday, March 13, 2008

Putin Said: Off with the hands of corrupts!

I say beheading would be even more effective, as far as effectiveness is concerned. I wish to point out that civilization had developed to faulty levels that showed up flaws in too many areas, and these have to be corrected. One aspect is that civilization had become wrongfully forgiving and kind hearted towards evils and greed and had been wrongly protecting evils an greed. On the contrary civilization had shown brutality towards humans who need to be helped and protected.

I recently received telephone calls from concerned opposition supporters that a family of 7 Singaporeans had been forced out of their HDB home and living at the void deck of a block in Jurong near Jurong NPC. That family of 7 include a 2 months old baby. The opposition supporter who called me offered to have his newly renovated office to temporary shelter the family, and arranged me to go and visit this family with him.

This family had been evicted from their home according to famiLEE's law and monetary rules, which is a lawful and exercise in the CIVILIZATION of their LEEgime.

The ministers let foreigners live in comfort of housing in Singapore while Singaporeans suffers this sort of brutality. Not to forget that they are drawing millions of dollars of the world' highest salaries.

There is no compassion nor moral fairness except money rules in famiLEE LEEgime's civilization, it brutally treats those who are supposed be helped and protected, while it also protect the exploiters and plunderer.

Is it not kindness applied toward the wrong direction and brutality also going toward the opposite direction?

I say Putin isn't wrong when you understand how the victims are suffering brutally under the corrupted regime. At least this man Putin who sits on the very top admit and understand that those officials below are corrupted and he put himself into the challenge against the civilization's accusation, to declare war against the bastard corrupts.

I respect this man Putin for his courage and commitment and his resolve to rid corruption.

In contrary, it highlighted against Lee Kuan Yew the corrupted old dog thief who bent the law to facilitate LEEgalized Plundering & Grafts. Let Singaporean peasants' and tax payers money feed his corrupted LEEgime official systematically and institutionalized the whole process of corruption.

Lee Kuan Yew tried to fight corruption in his own younger days, but he failed. Tay Chiang Wan the PAp minister of National Development & Wee Tun Boon are the proofs of Lee Kuan Yew's failure fighting corruptions.

After his own defeat in fighting corruption, LKy joint the corrupts and feed the corrupts systematically with Singaporean tax payers monies through LEEgalized channels including their world' highest salaries.

Then he just proudly showed the world his great SUCCESS, calling this unique Lee's form of corruption THE CLEAN SYSTEM, and he actively promote this laundered form of corruption to entire world.

This is why I call the people of entire world to fight Lee Kuan Yew by helping us Singaporeans to fight this father of corruption. Regardless from which country you came, if you want your children / grand children not to live in a hell of LEEgalized corruption, to be plundered LEEgally and exploited systematically, you have to help us fight the source of this audacious scheme of corrupt crime - LKy's famiLEE LEEgime.

IF the famiLEE LEEgime is not up-rooted and liquidated properly, entire world is at risk to suffer from LEEgalized and sytematically institutionalized corruptions.

I want Lee Kuan Yew the corrupted coward old dog thief, to be removed and punished alive before he died and dodged accountability like Indonesia's Suharto. The liquidation of corrupts are necessary to serve as lessons for the future of a better world.


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