Monday, February 18, 2008

Malaysia GE, LEEgime throw Progress Package?

May be Ass Loong Son is really too sick now, and his old dog thief daddy really not too mixed up in his DataBank. It is not Singapore's GE, but the Malaysian's instead, why they threw out Ang Pow? To buy votes for Malaysian? Or what?

In GE2006, they abused S$2.6 billions to buy votes calling that Progress Package.

Now when Abdullah announced Election for Malaysia polling on 8.Mar.2008 few weeks from today, the famiLEE LEEgime immediately announce distributing S$1.8 billion of Ang Pow? Is LKy a bit confused that his was the MM for Malaysia?

S$2.6 billions to buy vote for Singapore GE, S$1.8 billion to buy vote for Malaysian GE? I am confused :-Z

What's going on?

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