Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Statement For HungerStrike Protest at Cantonment Mata-Chu

I refer to the incident of my wrongful arrest on 15.Mar.2008 and charge on17.Mar.2008 and my Hunger-Strike within the Cantonment Police Complex in between the 2 dates above.

I have asked activists who were released on bail to carry my message out to the Internet. I believe that they did so already. But this is my own statement regarding my Protest and Hunger-Strike.

My protest is against the Unconstitutional Treatments by famiLEE LEEgime to Activists on The World Consumer Rights Day, that is:

  • Discriminatory
  • Unfair
  • Abusive
  • Unprofessional
  • Fraudulent
Right in front of Parliament, I told ASP William Goh right in his face, that he can arrest me first, that was when he threatened to arrest activists. But he did not do so. On my video I captured that tourists are freely moving and visiting our Parliament Square, when ASP Goh said activists are committing offense by being in Gazetted Area.

The activists were on their way peacefully leaving Parliament, after speaking to the media / press when ASP Goh came up. He and his men was already hiding in front of the parliament BEFORE the activists arrived, I captured that on video as well.

2 teams of 2 each and totally 4 plain clothe police were sent forward to film the activists, ONLY when Dr CSJ began to speak to the media / press. These matas were hiding near the Parliament's building at least 30 meters away from the activists, with ASP William Goh. They DID NOTHING when Mr. Gandhi; Mr. Chia Ti Lik; Miss Chee Siok Chin etc were speaking to the press / media, however ONCE Dr. CSJ began to speak, they moved in to video him close up, with not one but two video cameras. This is proven by my video.

There were over 20 activists in Red Tak Boleh Tahan T-shirts, not just Dr. CSJ who is not even carrying a placard, however, the famiLEE LEEgime matas just Targeted Dr. CSJ. ASP Goh & his men were not interested in arresting other activists but Dr. CSJ, this is very clearly proven in my video.

In front of Funan opposite the High Court, when ASP Goh threaten to arrest Dr. CSJ another 2 times. I told him that if he arrested Dr. CSJ I will camp in front of Parliament in protest. That was when this mata placed me under arrest.

I will write to Central Police Division to demand to have his name.

My video clearly show that he did not display nor wear nor showed me his warrant card, did not identify himself as police officer, did not give me his name and did not tell me what charge he had arrested me for. This is entirely against lawful procedure of arrest.

I repeatedly demanded to know what charge had I been placed under arrest, but no mata was able to tell me. Until I was inside the lock up after taking statement from me, they then informed me what charge I was arrested. Is this the proper and lawful procedure of arresting?

My Hunger-Strike is not a protest against my own arrest. It is for what I had clearly stated above. I have no time to protest for my personal interest yet.

In the Cantonment mata-chu lock-up, I told the IO Insp (Mr) Yew Ai Choo that I understand that police resources are stretched by JI man hunt, and I had been considerate towards that. Otherwise I would have signed my own bail and walked out and then return to Parliament to camp there on Hunger-Strike, I told him clearly that this is my method, that regardless what they are going to charge me, or how many times they will arrest me, I will return to the same place to protest once released. And I am not giving him any empty threat.

I taught young activist Seelan Parlay this method during his 5 days Hunger-Strike for HINDRAF before the Malaysian High Comm. I told Seelan that famiLEE LEEgime might be counting of arresting him to end the protest action ASAP. That is why I declared that I will take over Seelan in case he got arrested, that I will return to Malaysian High Comm to protest regardless how many time they arrested me.

They can charge me any number of counts, I am willing to pay a little price in jail. But famiLEE LEEgime will have to pay high price as well, not just only now, but when they got liquidated.

I will not get personal with any civil servant, my fight is against the famiLEE LEEgime. As long as civil servants do their jobs fairly according to law & constitution, they can be proud. I understand that they are doing their jobs, for what they had suffered they should be accredited merits and contributions towards this reform for republic of Singapore in the future.


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