Tuesday, March 18, 2008

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As a citizen I am playing to role in policing the police and QC their work. Ensure that they are not abusing powers, exceeding law, practicing unfairness, criminalizing oppositions etc.

I spent time to observe and monitor them and gave feedback online via forums and blogs, I pointed out what they did wrong and what they had learn and improved. I helped them in many occasions and got their mata ass out of fits and resolved some incidents of misunderstandings between activists and matas. They ought to thank me indeed.

And yet they put out this sort of statement trying to show that I was so unreasonable. It is not true.

E.g Not only that I accepted medical examination I did twice. Once on Saturday and once Sunday night - same doctor from Raffle Medical Group - out sourced I believe. I cooperated in most things and be polite with them most of the time.

But I would be at no reserve to warn them sternly when I observe that they were unfair e.g. I smell that they plan to use VIOLENCE MEANS in the Cantonment mata-chu, I over heard their words. I pointed at the nose of that Botak mata and warned that if they used any means of violence against our activist we will make international news for SPF.

He got my message.

I should be getting some of Wong Kan Seng's salaries doing these things FOC for him. Bloody hell, he is still not heeding to my call to donate some of his pay be be rewards.

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Let me tell you the truth. I had been wrongfully arrested and charged 2 counts today, and yet I have such a big heart I care even for the children of the IO who charged me, and I starved in lock up cell for 2 nights, yet when I came out before I slammed SPF for their foul deeds, I praised that they treated me well.

Yet the BIG BIG SPF play such small man here, it is very obvious.

Tomorrow, when I begin to expose the SPF craps online they will know the taste.




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