Monday, May 05, 2008

Open Call to ISD director Pang Kin Keong

This is my open call to Director of ISD Pang Kin Keong on 6th May 2008:

Dear ISD Director Pang Kin Keong,

You name and identity would had still been a state secret if had not been exposed by the unfit PM Lee. I safely assumed that in your powerful and well informed position, you are fully aware that I had made police report against Lee Hsien Loong for leaking your name and appointment.

I am calling you to service the republic of Singapore with honor by arresting Lee Hsien Loong, but NOT under Chapter 213 the Official Secret Act.

I had also made police report against your ISD & Gurkha Guards under Chapter 223 over the escape of Mas Selamat Ke-Lari, and I am aware that a more severe Chapter 129 is applicable. I absolutely mean no joke nor threat, I am sincere and serious to see some badly needed reform on Republic of Singapore which is rotten by Corrupt & Incompetent famiLEE LEEgime.

Time is about 0400hr now, and have to attend a PTC in Subordinate Court 24 at 0900hr. I am using the remaining time to make this open call to you to arrest the following ministers:

  • Lee Hsien Loong
  • Lee Kuan Yew
  • Goh Chok Tong
  • Jayakumar
  • Wong Kan Seng
This is not an instigation for coupe nor mutiny. I am calling upon you Director Pang Kin Keong of ISD to exercise the special power to service Republic of Singapore, by carrying out a legitimate enforcement of law, against an audacious vote buying during General Election 2006 done by the above culprits / suspects, violating Prevention of Corruption Act Chapter 241, as well as Parliamentary Election Act Chapter 218, in that S$2.6billion worth of so called Progress Package had been distributed to voters of all constituencies in Singapore just only 5 days before the poll.

I had this reported to Director of CPIB in 2006 after the General Election, and an imbecilic reply was returned. The Singapore Democratic Party took an application in the Election Court in accordance with Section 90 & Section 97 of Parliamentary Election Act Chapter 218. However the cabinet had shamelessly took oath and got sworn into office before the Election Court's hearing of the application to annul the election based on the illegal act of Corrupt Practice involving all constituencies through the buying of votes via abusing so called Progress Package.

I also wrote to Chief Justice & President of the republic, calling them not to conduct the oath and ceremony for the illegitimate cabinet to take office, before the Election Court could even hear the application. The Chief Justice & President made no reply and neglected their duties to assure justice for Republic of Singapore.

By any legal and moral standard in any country corrupted vote buying in any elections are illegal acts and the results of such corrupted elections are invalid. This so called Progress Package had been distributed to voters, deliberately scheduled to be just 5 days ahead of polling, with the corrupt intention of unfairly influencing the poll result, and the criminal intention of such act is can not be concealed to any eye. The PM MM SM & DPM are the only persons under constitution to have ability to resolve parliament to call for election and fix a polling day, and they are the persons also fixing the distribution date of so called Progress Package. There is no coincident this 2 dates to be just only 5 days apart when the PM MM SM & DPM are all personally taking Ultra Highly Paid appointments upon re-election.

It is only a shame for Republic of Singapore that no righteous officers have sufficient courage to act against this audacious crime, begin counting from the CPIB director. I call upon you now to act Director Pang of ISD. It is a matter of Internal Security when the cabinet appointment and the parliamentary seats had been illegitimately taken by a corrupted famiLEE LEEgime via such vote buying and audacious violation of law. I call upon ISD to arrest at least the 5 culprits of famiLEE LEEgime for investigation and make them face law accordingly.

You will do Singapore proud when you do that. You will restore the lost honor of ISD after the escape of Mas Selamat Ke-Lari. After you had done this good, Singaporeans will forgo your demerits by offsetting with your greater merits.

You don't have to reply, just do it. Singaporeans are behind you. Arrest these named criminals and had your Gurkha Guards watch them closely. Have your Gurkha squat beside them when they go to toilet. Make no more mistake please.

Yap Keng Ho

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