Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Question Singaporeans must seek answer

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This is a question that LEEgime and parliament have to answer, but we know that they won't. So Singaporean people will have to seek this answer by ourselves.

When your GRC's MP is either dead or resigned or disqualified, who can vote for you in the parliament? Under the present law & constitution no one can vote on behalf of a vacant MP's seat. Your rights of representation is forfeited in this whole period, until next GE when a new MP takes that seat! Is this fair?

In a GRC of 5 seats, when one MP's seat is vacant, there is only 4 votes left. It will remain this way until the next GE because famiLEE LEEgime does not want to hold any by-election. Under their rotten system, there won't even be any by-election to fill any seat even if there is only just 1 MP left in any GRC where there could be up to 4 or 5 vacant seats.

That means e.g. a 6 seat GRC left with only just 1 vote, and still they will not hold any by-election! Is this fair to those people whose voting rights had been forfeited until next GE years away?

Ask yourself and then ask your PM for the answer! Now you are allowed to protest at Speakers Corner LEEgally :-)

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