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My Sammyboy.Com Posting on 25.Nov.2008 PAD Thais etc

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You want democracy? Look what happened when Afrian, East European and Central Asia nations embraced democracy. They are still no better off than before.

Even Plato did not favour democracy but Yap is too dumb to read that.

Weather better off or not is really relative and subjected to different interpretations.

I don't not place democracy very high in my own aim of reform. I am against those who are blindly measuring everything in terms of wealth as well as those measuring everything in terms of democracy. These people are equally blind.

The ideology of democracy itself is very flawed because it assumed people to be of fine qualities. Democracy will work for the good, if people were intelligent; selfless; brave; righteous; just; fair; etc. In the opposite situation, whereby majority of a population are coward; greedy; selfish; silly; Kia-Su; Kia-Si; myopic; poorly informed and have short memory... the result of Democracy imposed on such a population is only going to yield a very bad country not just bad for itself but also bad for the rest of the world.

Unfortunately I think Singapore fits the later case better.

Only poor quality governance and policies and decisions are going to come out of a society of bad quality people, when the democratic powers are unleashed. No good can be expected of selfish greedy coward population to have democratic powers in their hands to exercise. They will simply not allow any Fair; Equal; Just; Wise; Righteous & Brave decisions & policies to take place.

Because democracy is equal & symmetrical system, it does not distinguish good nor bad people and every one share equal power. When the majority are simply bastard, than a bastard government will be elected to carry all the bastard policy. When the majority people are simply foolish, then foolish governance & policies will surely result.

The result of dictatorship largely depending on the dictator who has power in hand, dictators are not necessary all bad in my view. In the hand of a smart dictator smart decisions will be forcefully imposed, in the case of a dumb dictator dumb shits will be imposed. In the hands of strong dictators the nation will exhibit powerful national strength like ex-Soviet. Dictatorship impose policy by force against people's will, majority will be unhappy. But if the dictators were smart and strong, they will force the people to contribute to a strong nation that would be otherwise impossible. That is why dictatorship nations to be miraculously strong or screwed up are common.

Singapore used to be a positive example of dictatorship that cause this red dot to develop fast miraculously, but that positive cycle is already over and red dot is miraculously fast sinking these days.

Hitler and Saddam are other examples that the 2 tyrants showed miraculous success in gaining national strength within very short time, industrial & military power built up strong and quickly under dictators, posing threats to many. Then the dictator went into stupid phase and made big mistakes and then finished themselves with the once very strong and capable nation. LKy old dog thief is much smaller time, but similar in phase and cycle of dictatorship. LEEgime is finishing soon.

I want to impose brutal hell on famiLEE LEEgime bastards, to be honest that can not be done democratically, and thus I see democracy & human rights as burdens, because they will hinder the punishment of bastards. I will not entirely reject these noble ideas, but in my own view they are too idealistic and impractical. We must reform any way, out of the reign of famiLEE LEEgime. I am one who will not blindly measure this reform or any others in terms of democracy level.

Taiwan's Chen Shui Bian is an example. Taiwan is democratic, media is free, court is not Kangaroo like famiLEE LEEgime. Election is much fairer. People have more rights. But still, when people learn that the president is corrupted (democratic president - Ah Bian who overthrow KMT dictatorship! ) what could the court and people do? Ah Bian's old comrade 施明德 led millions of protesters in red-shirt anti-corrupt movement and fought so hard with so much resources and efforts - could not remove the corrupted & democratic ChenShuiBian. Currently under KMT's MaYingJiu again, they started to nail ChenShuiBian, but in ways that people see as oppressive and dictatorial law suits.

It shows that democratic system has lots of flaws and weakness and it is not strength.

Another example will be Obama, but I hate to tell it too soon.

Obama is elected by many millions of poorer people, they donated their tiny lunch money from their poor families and voted Obama in. They call this the Democratic Strength - yes very touching. However I see it mostly as Democratic Weakness rather than strength because these millions & million of supporters of Obama are mostly his liabilities instead of strength.

These supporters put in their tiny lunch monies, and votes, and cried on polling day to see Obama won. To them this is hope and victory - yes. But how is Obama going to deliver their hope and fulfillments? Can these people give Obamba more resources? More lunch monies & votes? No! I think these people believe that they won Lotto or ToTo, they thought they strike big with their tiny lunch money! They are now sitting down awaiting for Obama to save them & deliver them with security; jobs; joy; wealth; comfort; pride; safety etc. They are mostly doing nothing much to help Obama, they now want Obama to help them instead. Therefore I see these as Obama's huge liabilities instead of strength. That is why I said can not congratulate Obama.

Absolutely can not!

These millions and millions of poor people have families and other big burdens, they can not afford to even come out to help to do volunteer works for Obama for few hours a day, they are just waiting for Obama to make life better for them. All they bet on Obama is $10 or $50 whatever tiny donations they could afford plus their vote on the ballot.

It is a touching change and I acknowledge that the political culture is very different from all previous presidential elections. It is a miracle itself that a black man had been elected as president for very 1st time in USA, however this miracle itself is a liability because people are then expecting this president to deliver more miracles in their favor - to EACH a different and in over-all conflicting angles they want these miracles.

When one voter's dream is fulfilled the others are disappointed and pissed.

Heaven help the poor Obama!

The campaign and election may be very touching and motivating, but in reality after all these campaigns I can only see a huge pile of democratic weakness and burdens, there is too little resources and strength to fulfill the huge expectations & responsibilities.

Compared to Bush when the moron was initially elected, Bush had lots of real strength and resources pledged behind him to support him. Due to 911. Hundred over nations were allied with that moron, Republicans Democrats and neutral Americans were willing to get armed and put on combat uniforms to die on the order of this moronic Commander In Chief, Congress & Senate were fully supportive, tax payers' finance and resources were strong then, & soldier & generals were willing and loyal then. Moron Bush screwed all these up 100% - that is beside the point. The point is comparing to Obama, Bush actually had more practical strength and resources right from the start. Obama now have too much liabilities & burdens thanks to Bush & his millions & millions of voters. There is very little practical strength & resources left for Obama to fulfill a whole lot of big dreams and high hopes. I can not congratulate him for what he is in.

So yes it is democracy, but no, that is not strength in my view.

When I assisted SDP in GE2006, I also manged to motivate crowds of poorer Singaporeans, who support SDP with their S$2 per copy New Democrats. Yes I am proud but no I don't really see these as true solid reliable political strength - more like liabilities & burdens. The famiLEE LEEgime gave S$1000 progress package & what happened?

What the Thais had show the world the rather is more solid strength and courage as well as commitments. They are willing to pay price and get the CHANGE they want. If Singaporeans had such quality and balls, I will be most happy to motivate help them. I will be more proud and comfortable to fight together with this kind of people. I still thank the Singaporean peasant who came to cheer for my speech and donated to SDP, but I tell you that is far from enough! You have to look at the Thais, they are more realistic and practical. They paid their prices, they reach out their own forceful hands and they are very sure of what they want. My fellow Singaporeans, you have to be like the Thai PADs, then fucking pussy famiLEE LEEgime will not be able to bully and exploit you.

You can be very sure of that.


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