Sunday, March 29, 2009

Approaching The Global Economic Crossroad

In the last 2 centuries the world saw 2 major forms of economies - Communism vs Capitalism.

Undoubtedly communist giants Soviets & China had moved from communism towards capitalism, since Gorbachev & DengXiaoPing, until present. What I want to point out is that Obama & today's USA is moving the Capitalism World towards Communism, this is shown by Obama's present policies and his CHANGE campaign.

As it is, Obama govt is interfering against Capitalism's Market Economy bailing out private corporates with huge tax payers funds, and intervening with Business Management in e.g. executive salaries & bonus. Without arguing about these acts and just viewing them purely as facts, injecting trillion dollars of state funds into major corporates and politically managing them are essentially features of Communist Regimes.

The end results in Free Market Capitalist Corporates goes towards becoming state-owned and state-managed Corporates - AIG & Citi Corp & GE & Ford becomes the like of famiLEE LEEgime's Temasek GIC GLC GRC. As it is in Obama's hands these Private Business Corporates had become the WhiteHouse's liability and tax payers' burdens, as the trend is developing and intensifying towards the direction of Communism Economy.

Besides capital and managment, the same trend is adopted in the labour and employment aspects. Governments other than USA within the capitalism world are mosting fighting against unemployment by initialing large scale national projects, Stimulus Plans or Resilience Package whatever they called them, are in nature so similar with Soviet or PRC's Communist Economic Schema or mark-out projects. The US Govt's issuing of Food Stamps and poor citizens lining up at Soup Kitchens are not in nature any difference from comparable Bread Lines in the ex-Soviet.

I want to point out that the world is at a really major crossroad at which Communism & Capitalism are meeting at the same point. Both communism and capitalism are losing their original features and adopting the feature of each other.

The irony had shown up that roles and positions switched between Communist & Capitalist worlds, where those used to be rich became poor and those used to be poor become rich. Those who used to be failures and laughing-stocks switch with those who used to be successful and contempt.

In the key transition from Communist Soviet to Capitalist Russia it was Gorbachev's Perestroika. In the key transition from Capitalism USA to whatever the future they become, here is Obama's CHANGE.

Gorbachev's Perestroika drastically altered the Warsaw Pack Eastern Block e.g. East Germany; Poland; Romania; Yugoslavia; Hungary; Khasakistan; Ukraine etc. Obama's change will affect NATO & G8 & many other countries, in significance and meanings and scale comparable to Gorbachev's Perestroika, this is foreseeable from my point of view.

At this Global Crossroad, both the communism and capitalism worlds will trade economic features and strategies, their people will exchange their experiences from their own histories, they may also trade their feuds and spark World War III in the process, however at the ending they will understand each other better. It is a major lengthy reaction and process in world's history.

What I have yet to figure out is about the aspect of Freedom. So far it seemed that people from the ex-communist states are enjoying more freedom after their countries' transition towards capitalism, it is yet to be able to figure out weather the freedom of people will suffer as their capitalism states moves through depression towards communist colored future.

Lets wait and see and I am sure there are things to be learned.

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