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Grandma 73 has only dementia, ICA is vegetable authority, Wong a Clown!

Uniquely Singapore, this isn't the 1st time.

Thick-Sink-Wong drew another few million dollars of WORLD CLASS salaries, since he refused to resign. Mas Selamat Ke-Lari fled his maximum security ISD Whitley Road Detention Center for nearly one whole year. Million dollar award and dozens of million dollar spent in man-hunt resulted in Wong Kan Seng talking more Ironical Rubbish.

Wong's imbecilic answer to the press: Either Mas Selamat is still hiding in Singapore or had fled Singapore.

The next day after his wise statement, a 73 year old grandma was reported to have returned to Singapore from Malaysia where she was lost for nearly one week WITHOUT HER PASSPORT!

The grandma was found alone in her confusion state, trying to sleep in the middle of road divider and was then discovered by a driver who had the security guard near by sent her to the police. He family members fetched her back from Tanglin Police Station.

Tok Leng How the executed convict of Huang Na also left Singapore without his passport. He returned to Malaysia when his passport was detained by Singapore police as he was a murder suspect. He later surrendered to Malaysia police and was extradicted back to Singapore before he was convicted and excuted. How did Tok who was determinded by IMH doctors to have abnormally low IQ past ICA checkpoint without his passport? Is ICA's average IQ lower then that of Tok?

Tan Chor Jin who was known as the "one-eyed dragon" is the other executed murder convict who had fled past ICA to Malaysia when he was wanted by Singapore. The ICA did not managed to stop him, and he fled successfully past ICA to Malaysia with his fellow gangsters, and together they were later arrested by Malaysian Police, before extradiction to Singapore.

A Singaporean man last year managed to pass through Singapore Changi Airport's ICA to reach Vietnam with only the passport belonging to his 12 year old son. Vietnam immigration discovered that he was holding wrong passport, but the Singaporean ICA did not find anything wrong, and let this man past.

I personally know another case of 2 Malaysian brothers, who came together from Malaysia to attend a funeral which I was also attending. The elder brother is nearly 10 years older then the younger, and the younger brother is fat man with fair skin, the elder is taller darker skin and slim. As they entered Woodlands ICA checkpoint into Singapore from Malaysia, they had accidentally switched their passports after the passports were returned to them at ICA check point. So they were each carrying wrong the passport belonging to their brother instead of their own. After funeral was over, the 2 Malaysian brothers each made their separated ways back to Malaysia. THEY BOTH PAST SINGAPOREAN ICA SUCCESSFULLY WITH WRONG PASSPORTS. The elder brother was shocked at Johore custom to find that he was carring wrong passport, and called the other brother who was still unknowingly holding wrong passport, he received this call after he already CLEARED Singaporean ICA Woodlands Check Point!

These are the World Class Jokes of Wong Kan Seng's World Class Home Team. Meanwhile he is still continuing to draw his World's Highest Ministerial salaries while performing all these imbecilic governance as the Deputy Prime Minister cum Minister for Home Affairs.

Jan 15, 2009
Search for missing Granny
Arrival records show 73-year-old grandma had returned on Sunday
By Carolyn Quek
Madam Voon Choot Yin, who has mild dementia and suffers from depression, is said to have returned to Singapore on her own without her passport and bus ticket. -- ST PHOTO: STEPHANIE YEOW
A 73-YEAR-OLD Singapore grandmother who went missing while on a family holiday in Genting Highlands triggered a frantic search for her there.

But her family says the immigration authorities' arrival records indicate that she had somehow made her way back here on Sunday - without her bus ticket or her passport and with less than $20 on her.

The twist to the tale: Madam Voon Choot Yin, who has mild dementia and suffers from depression, is still missing - right here on home turf. The family's desperate search for her is now trained on Toa Payoh, where she lived by herself before moving in with her son three months ago, when her memory started failing.

She had arrived at the popular Malaysian hill resort last Thursday with her son, his wife, their two grown-up daughters and his mother-in-law. The family checked into the First World Hotel.

The last time they saw the bespectacled grandmother was the following day, when they visited the casino.

Three members of the family returned to Singapore last Saturday. Two of them - Madam Voon's granddaughter, Ms Susan Koh, 29, and her mother, who wanted to be known only as Mrs Koh - stayed behind in case she showed up there.

The family said it got news on Tuesday from the Singapore High Commission in Kuala Lumpur that Madam Voon had returned to Singapore on Sunday.

When contacted, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) would only say that it is possible, under special circumstances, for Singapore citizens to re-enter the country without travel documents.

'Singapore citizens have the right of entry into Singapore. The ICA will first establish the citizenship status of the person and if we are satisfied he or she has not lost the status, we will accord the necessary clearance for entry,' said an ICA spokesman.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also declined to say much, but said it was helping the family on the matter.

Yesterday, Ms Koh and her mother returned home.

Ms Koh said all Madam Voon had on her was a shoulder bag with less than $20 in it, her senior citizens' ez-link card and what she was wearing - a black blouse, dark pants and sandals.

Mrs Koh said she, her mother and her husband were in the casino with Madam Voon last Friday. The older woman had a go at the jackpot machines. When Mrs Koh, a 54-year-old housewife, wanted to use the washroom at about 3pm, she offered to take Madam Voon as well, but the elderly woman said she did not need to go.

When Mrs Koh returned, however, her husband said his mother had gone to the washroom. But Madam Voon was in neither of the casino's two female toilets.

The family alerted the resort management, lodged a report with the Malaysian police and turned to the Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) for help. They also combed the resort. The family contacted the Foreign Ministry here last Saturday.

The MCA told The Straits Times that since the incident made the Malaysian newspapers yesterday, three people had called to say they had seen Madam Voon.

A spokesman said two claimed they saw a woman matching the description walking along a road from Genting Highlands towards the nearby town of Bukit Tinggi last Friday at 5pm; another caller said she boarded a Bukit Tinggi-to-Kuala Lumpur bus on Sunday morning.

The family has lodged a missing person's report with the police here.

Ms Koh said: 'It's been a nightmare. All I want is for my grandma to be home safe.'

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